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Furuno FCV-627 Review

Overall Rating3.
Furuno FCV-627 has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.


Vendor Price
EPal $740.33
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The FCV-627 is a high-performance digital fish finder that is mainly designed for use on small fishing and leisure boats. Furuno has made a name for itself for over five decades as a leading manufacturer of marine electronic equipment, as seen in the high-quality and user-friendly design of the FCV-627.

Technical Specifications

• The 5.7-inch LCD display is made of durable bonded glass. It has a range of 256 colors with 8/16/64 Color Echo presentation. The screen resolution is 640 x 480 pixels.

• The display mode works as single frequency of 50 or 200 kHz or as dual frequency.

• The output power rating is 600 Watts RMS (Root Mean Square).

• The device automatically detects the sea bottom and fish at depths of up to 2,500 feet with eight range scales.

• The device transmits signals at an accelerated rate of 3,000 PRR per second in shallow water (depth of 5 meters) for enhanced performance.

• It is waterproof with a rating of IPX5/6; you can easily install this device on any bridge or lake / sea shore without worrying about water damage.

• It is packed with several transducer options, including T/H, T/M Biducer and Triducer T/Ducer.

Features of the FCV-627

• Powered with Accu-Fish digital technology, it can assess individual fish sizes based on the quality of the echo signal returned.

• Using the new Bottom Discrimination function introduced by Furuno, one glance is enough to determine whether the surface of the sea-bottom is sandy, rocky, muddy or lined with gravel.

• Its advanced White Line feature can even pick up the trace of fish lying near the sea-bottom.

• The gain, STC clutter and output power can be auto-adjusted using Furuno Digital Filtering (FDF) in hands-free mode, allowing the user to carry on fishing or cruising uninterrupted.

• It can be connected to the external NME0183 GPS-cum-Speed Sensor device to track the boat’s position and speed. You can then store the latitude and longitude of your favorite fishing spots on the GPS Chart Plotter for future trips out to sea.

• It allows you to program the navigation data display to plot both analog and digital data.

• It has configurable audio and visual alarms to indicate when the desired depth, water temperature or fish echo strength is reached.

• All bottom and fish echoes are processed through gain control before being displayed on the screen.

Various underwater conditions are clearly displayed on the bright LCD screen of the FCV-627 fish finder using the innovative features from Furuno. Out at sea, you would wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. The LCD screen of the Furuno FCV-627 offers clear visibility even under these conditions.

You will need to separately purchase the NMEA0183 GPS-cum-Speed Sensor and Chart Plotter and connecting cables to integrate these with the Furuno FCV-627 fish finder. You will also need a thru-hull or transom transducer mount, which is sold separately. With all the exciting features and add-on functionality that the FCV-627 fish finder offers, you can enjoy the best fishing experience ever. You can get a great deal on Furuno FCV-627 here.


User Reviews

Posted by R. Kreher

  • 22222

I’ve had a chance to use this fishfinder several times while fishing on a friend’s boat. I don’t think it’s worth the money especially when you don’t have a transducer for it. My Lowrance Elite 7 has a bigger screen, downscan and costs much less than this unit.

Posted by Joe McCormick

  • 55555

The furuno is high power (600watt) sonar. It may not have some of the bells and whistles or some of the other sonar on the market but will out perform most of the field in deep water, detail, keeping lock on bottom, depth and bottom when running 40mph and ease of use. If you want a powerfull sonar for off shore or deep water and something that is easy to use then the 627 fits the bill. Check the lowrance, its 250 watts, they dont advertise this. I have run lowrance for years but now im running a 627 and a simrad nse for chart plotting.

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