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Uniden Voyager Review

The Uniden Voyager is the smallest handheld VHF radio we’ve tested and just about the lightest too. Despite its diminutive size, there is still enough room on the top of this portable radio for an on/off/volume and squelch rotary knob controls, and a jack to accommodate an external speaker or

Uniden UM625 Review

The Uniden UM625c has the first color display we’ve seen in a marine VHF radio. It also sports a super-sized front panel that measures 6.4 by 4.3 inches. Pushbuttons are big, backlit, and well spaced. The large color display screen has 15 levels of backlighting and two color palettes, selectable

Uniden UM525 Review

Everything about the new Uniden UM525 is big. Its well-lit display covers more area than any other similarly priced marine VHF radio. Onscreen letters and numbers are huge and easy to read even at a distance. Pushbuttons are big, backlit, and well spaced. The only downside with this super sizing

Uniden UM425 Review

The Uniden UM425 is a mid-priced marine VHF radio with some unique features. They include a basic hailer, battery voltage monitor, and dot matrix screen. One-button control is available for making a DSC distress call, selecting transmitter power level, hailer, weather channels, menu, and a quick 16 or 9 selection.

Uniden Solara D Review

The Uniden Solara D UM380 is the current entry level marine VHF radio from marine electronics maker, Uniden. It features basic transmit and receive capabilites as well as a DSC class D rating. Beyond the basics its feature list is relatively short. Buy this Uniden marine VHF radio here. Performance

Uniden Oceanus D Review

The Uniden Oceanus is an inexpensive basic marine VHF radio with a variety of extra features for little extra money. Let’s call it a mid-level performer for an entry level price tag. Performance Transmitter performance results were generally good. The Oceanus fell a bit short in power output during the

Uniden MHS75 Review

The Uniden MHS75 is a compact inexpensive submersible marine handheld VHF radio that performed well in our testing. The radio is housed in a tough die-cast aluminum housing that measures 2.5 inches wide by 4.6 inches tall and is 1.5 inches deep. The radio weighs 10.4 ounces without the included

Uniden MHS450 Review

The Uniden MHS450 is solidly constructed with an aluminum die cast frame partially covered by protective rubber padding. The unit fits well in hand and weighs a tad less than 12 ounces. This Uniden handheld radio ships from the factory with an AC fast charger that will bring an empty

Uniden MHS50

The Uniden MHS50 is by far the least expensive floating marine handheld VHF radio on the market today. Uniden packages and ships this radio in a two-pack priced under $100. The radio is housed in a case that measures 2.5 inches wide by 5.3 inches tall and is 1.4 inches

Uniden MHS350 Review

The Uniden MHS350 has a top-mounted volume and squelch control knobs with a jack to connect an optional external speaker or microphone located alongside. Buy the Uniden MHS350 here. Eight front-mounted pushbuttons control transmitter power selection, channel changing, weather, and scanning. Performance The MHS350 performed well in our testing, earning

Uniden MHS135DSC

The Uniden MHS135DSC is a floating marine handheld VHF radio with a built-in GPS, a 6-watt maximum power output, and front panel SOS strobe light. This marine handheld is this company’s first entry into this unique device combo market. In addition to GPS capability this radio has all the standard

Uniden MHS125 Review

The Uniden MHS125 is the company’s first foray into the floating marine handheld VHF radio market and this radio has all the operational features you’d expect in a handheld. The radio measures approximately 6-inches high, 2.6-inches wide, and 1.8-inches deep. Overall height including the antenna is 12.5-inches. On my scale,

Uniden Marine VHFs

Uniden marine fixed mount VHF radios are just one of several marine electronics product lines produced by well-known wireless telephone maker, Uniden. This company designs, builds, and markets a wide variety of consumer electronics that includes a diverse list of products from wireless telephones to digital cameras to automotive GPS

Uniden Handheld VHFs

Uniden handheld VHF radios continue to make solid inroads with boaters in the recreational and small commercial marine electronics field. The company uses its vast resources and technical skills with other communications technology like telephones and two-way radios to improve and enhance the feature set found in their handheld VHF

Uniden Atlantis 250 Review

The Uniden Atlantis 250 is the biggest in size, heaviest, and one of the least expensive handhelds we’ve tested. It features a pair of top-mounted control knobs, one for on/off/volume and the other for squelch. A jack to connect an external speaker or microphone is also located in top. Eight

Swift Sea King Review

The Swift Sea King has the traditional look of a military-style binocular with its black stepped armor and beefy construction. Features include individual eye focus, front lens caps secured to the center hinge, and a neck strap with wide nylon webbing. Compare Best Prices on Binoculars Here. The diopter scale

Swarovski SLC 7x50B Review

The Swarovski SLC 7x50B features a roof prism design that gives these marine binoculars a very long, narrow, sleek look. This binocular review found the SLC’s tipping the scale at just under 41-ounces making this set comparable in weight to other expensive binos we’ve reviewed. Swarovski claims patented multi-coated glass

Steiner Marine II Review

The Steiner Marine II is a rebranded Steiner Observer marketed by marine retail giant, West Marine. As we observed in this binocular review the Marine II is nearly identical in appearance to the Steiner Commander series binocular. Differences noted were lack of high definition glass, lack of clip-lock strap attachment,

Steiner Binoculars Reviewed

Steiner binoculars are another very popular brand found at the helm of many commercial vessels. A few versions of the Commander line are also a top choice of charterboat captains and recreational anglers. Cruisers, fishermen, and sailors will find a number of binoculars in the Commander line to be well

Standard Horizon Handheld VHFs

Standard Horizon VHF handheld marine radios are available in a wide range of models from basic frill-free units to full-featured high end models with all the bells and whistles. An earlier generation of Standard Horizon handheld marine VHF radios has shown themselves to be reliable and reasonably priced. The newest

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