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Steiner Marine II Review

The Steiner Marine II is a rebranded Steiner Observer marketed by marine retail giant, West Marine. As we observed in this binocular review the Marine II is nearly identical in appearance to the Steiner Commander series binocular.

Differences noted were lack of high definition glass, lack of clip-lock strap attachment, and lack of memory oculars. Black plastic armor coating protects the case.

steiner observer 7 x 50 waterproof marine binocular

Steiner Marine II

Like the Commander the Marine II has a large wet compass atop right lens tube. This binocular is also available, for significantly less money, without a compass.

Most of our testers found the compass interfered somewhat with their grip on these binoculars. The Marine II binos weigh in at 39 ounces.

Individual diopters on each eyepiece provide a means to adjust focus. Our single myopic tester found the marks to be accurate for his correction.

The diopter scale ranged from +5 to –5 but is only marked at the zero position. The diopter scale is located in our preferred location on the bottom of the binoculars to provide quick and easy adjustment.

Testers found the focusing rings operated smoothly and held their position when set. Round eyecups finish off the each eyepiece.

The Marine II binocular received a good rating for day/night viewing. Testers found they provided a clear view with no color aberrations when used without glasses.

We found a reduction in the field of view and some edge softness when viewing with eyeglasses.

If a user swings the Marine II’s around rapidly then stops on a viewing target the compass will take a couple seconds to stop and lock onto the new bearing. We found the compass easy to read.

A soft zipper case is provided with these binoculars. The narrow neck strap dug into the back of the neck and in our estimation would make these binos uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The front lens covers fit well and snapped in and out easily. They are hinged at the center of the binoculars and can sometimes require extra effort to flip them down and out of the way.

A decent pair of binoculars for the money that carry a long warranty.