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Lowrance Elite-5 DSI Review

Lowrance Elite-5 DSI has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.



The Elite-5 DSI fishfinder brings exquisite detail to your fishing experience with a display that showcases the underwater world in picturesque quality. The 480 X 480 pixel high resolution display appears in great clarity on the 5” screen. You are able to view the area beneath the surface at a wider angle and with a vibrant brightness that brings it to life before your eyes. The CCFL backlit screen and keypad ensure that you are not limited to daylight fishing by providing the ability to use the fishfinder for your low light and nighttime excursions.

The Elite-5 DSI boasts 4000w of peak to peak and 500w of RMS power output that offers expanded capabilities for users. This fishfinder defies the obstacles of depth and speed. You will be able to capture images at depths of up to 200ft and boat speeds of up to 40mph. The dual 455/800 kHz coverage will ensure that your views go wider and deeper than ever before.

Navigating the waters with the Elite-5 DSI is a much simpler task due to the internal 16 channel GPS antenna. Slip your favorite mapcard into the microSD card slot and you will be plotting your way through the waters like a pro. This fishfinder accepts the most current and up-to-date mapcards so that you are always on top of your game.

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 Lowrance HDS-5Lowrance Elite-5 DSIHumminbird 597ci HD DI
Screen Size5 in / 127 mm5 in / 127 mm5 in / 127 mm
Screen Resolution480 x 480 pixels480 x 480 pixels640 x 640 pixels
Display Type16-bit color SolarMAX PLUS TFT256-color SolarMAX PLUS TFT256 Color TFT
Imaging2DDown Imaging2D and Down Imaging
Transducer TypeTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling Motor
Transmit PowerMax 250W Broadband, analog equivalent 30,000W and 32W Broadband, analog equivalent 3,750 W500W RMS
4000W Peak-To-Peak
500W RMS
4000W Peak-To-Peak
Sonar Frequency50/83/200 kHz455/800 kHz200/455 kHz 2D
455/800 kHz Down Imaging
Maximum Depth1900 ft1000 ft600 ft 2D
250 ft Down Imaging
GPS Antenna TypeInternal, high-sensitivity GPS+WAASInternal high-sensitivity WAAS + EGNOS + MSASInternal
Waypoint Storage500030002,500
Plot TrailsUp to 10 trails - up to 12,000 points/trail100 retraceable plot trails/up to 10,000 points per trail50 w/ 20,000 points each
Background MapLake InsightOver 3,000 enhanced lake maps with depth contour and shoreline detail, plus coastal shoreline detail with offshore depth contours to 1,000 ft./305 m and spot depth soundingsHumminbird UniMap

User Reviews

Posted by Bass Man

  • 5/5

This is the only down imaging fishfinder/GPS combo in this price range that comes with preloaded cartography (the Gold version). It’s great value considering that Navionics Gold card by itself costs around $250. I got Lowrance Elite5 preloaded at fishfinders.com for $650 with their coupon code, can’t beat that price.

Posted by Mike715

  • 5/5

DownScan Imaging is an unbelievable Technology!!! No need to interpretation of images, you see exactly what’s beneath. I’ve got 2 transducers, one mounting bracket on the console, one on the bow and I can easily move the device using quick disconnect. Best electronics money can buy.

Posted by FDIRT

  • 5/5

This fishfinder is amazing. It shows the bottom structure with incredible detail. This fishfinder shows you what’s underneath the boat instead of the annoying Fish ID. I’m not longer using the HD Sonar feature and I rely solely on the Down Scan Imaging. I’ve used it on a lake I thought I knew very well. After 3 outings I found out more about the lake than I had known after 20 years of fishing this lake.

Posted by Al from Canada

  • 5/5

Lowrance Elite-5 DSI fishfinder is one of the latest Lowrance models. It’s affordable but that does not mean that it does not have the high tech features incorporated in all fishfinders. All the constituent parts like the sonar, transducers, viewing screen, charting system, GPS are all based on the latest technology to the field. High definition pictures and super bright displays, smart menus, ease of operation are all features which make the use of the fishfinder very easy. All the individual parts are packed in a case of new design. On the whole every fisherman will be happy when he gets the Lowrance Elite 5DSI in his boat.

As in the case of all fishfinders the Lowrance Elite-5 DSI also operates using a sonar device sent under water to the place where fish can be seen. The sonar can operate at up to a depth of 250 ft. bringing the ultra sonic device reflects images of the fish to the viewing screen which is mounted on board the boat. The sonar has the capacity to view the fish within the area covered by a wide angle. It is water proof, and has track back and scroll back features so that all the fish covered by are brought to the display screen. It has dual coverage imaging capacity. The sonar is controlled by a transducer unit, which is mounted on a transom. The sonar has the maximum imaging speed of 40 miles per hour.

The images sent by the sonar are displayed on a color display screen that is 5-inches in size. The Lowrance Elite-5 DSI 5” display unit has a very bright display, maximum visibility and viewing details in all conditions. The smart menu card gives you easy and fast access to all your requirements by switch button operation. The picture on the screen is so good that you can see all the fish very clearly. In addition, you also get details and structure of the sea bottom. Only a single source of power is required for the viewing of the monitor.

This Lowrance fishfinder comes with special navigational facilities and GPS chart plotters. The GPD antenna is built in and it is possible to have many charting options. Devices for these functions are built into the fishfinder structure. The compact unit has only a few components to be taken out for being installed. The installation is very simple and easy and takes only about 5-6 minutes. As in the case of all Lowrance fishfinder models, Lowrance Elite 5DSI is covered by 1year free warranty. A payment of $200 you can get the warranty extended by 2 more years, so fish with one less worry knowing that Lowrance has you protected.

Posted by jkk

  • 1/5

I’ve had problem with this fishfinder since the day I bought it. Setting it up for a nightmare, the manual is horrible. I managed to got it installed after a few days. I took it for a spin and I realized that I can’t see any fish. Large object are displayed with greater detail than a regular 2D sonar but it’s really hard to distinguish fish. That is not what I expected from a $650 piece of equipment.

Posted by MIchael

  • 1/5

If you like your devices to work out of box, this is unit is not for you:
1. You will need software update at some point (most likely right after the purchase). You will have to buy an adapter to download it.
2. The manual is a joke, it doesn’t cover half the functionality offered by the product.
3. You will need to install a special filter for the power cord if you want to use DSI. Why isn’t this installed by the manufacturer?

Posted by Herb

  • 2/5

I bought mine a year ago and paid $649. for it.I was duped by all the excellent reviews that said how great it was. The GPS is great I use it all the time and I can mark way points when I catch a fish and return to the same spot for more strikes. I way point my crab pot locations and can return in the morning right to the exact spot where I put them . The sonar is worthless,it works only as a depth sounder, which I had already. It shows the bottom contours,but never has it shown a fish. I have read and reread the manual and it tells you everything under the sun you don’t need and doesn’t tell you how to get it to show fish.

After spending countless hours trying to set it up , I just gave up on it.
I just bought a Garmin fish finder for half the price and it was simple to set up,has a color display and works great. So now I have a raytheon that lies to me about fish ,but is a good depth sounder ,a Lowrance that is a great GPS and depth sounder,but no fish finder, and then the Garmin that is a great depth sounder and fishfinder.

I could not recommend this product for the price to anyone and will not buy a Lowrance product again.

Posted by William Cassada

  • 1/5

First the Garmin units have a far superior interface. Second the support for these units is horrendous. I needed one of the ports on my Elite-5 DSI repaired due to bent pins as well as the connector end of my transducer cable replaced. After a long phone call the total with shipping for simple repairs was over $280. For that much I will just go buy a better unit from Garmin.

Posted by bluedawg

  • 5/5

The Elite-5 was a breeze to setup and should be relatively easy even if you are not as big of a tech geek as me. I really have nothing bad to say about this unit. The sonar and GPS are spot on and the basic maps are pretty good. I will be buying the Navionics card to upgrade my maps in the future just for the increased contour data. This unit is great for riding around in a new lake or scoping out new spots. I use it during slow moments to mark depth changes and structures for future reference. Now I have a list of good spots to try as soon as I hit the water. I will definitely be upgrading to the Elite-7 and moving it up to the front as soon as I can.

Posted by O.k...Norway

  • 5/5

I see that many claim they not can see the fish with the DSI, this is wrong, this is the best fishfinder i have had, simply the best !! you just need to understand how a fish look like on the screen, i can see ONE fish on the bottom, i use it mostly from 20-50meters.
I took out my ordernary fishfinder after one week.

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