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Lowrance FishHunter Castable Sonar Review

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Lowrance FishHunter

Anglers the world over attest to the success they experience when using electronic fish finders. Up until recently, the technology has largely been designed for use aboard water-based crafts. Now, castable fish hunters make it possible for anglers to enjoy the same benefits of the devices whether on land or on the water. Lowrance makes a 3D and a Pro version of the innovative tools that increase the likelihood of going home with the day’s catch.

FishHunter Basics

The fish hunters are no bigger than an average baseball and accommodate anglers in fresh or salt water. The sonar technology inside each device is easily controlled using a smartphone or other mobile device via Wi-Fi. But, best of all, you do not need an internet connection. However, if you do have online capability, you increase functionality through GPS tracking.

You need not worry about installing transducers or boat mounts for the fishfinder, which makes the Lowrance completely portable and ready to use out of the box. Each unit comes with a handy tote bag, a charging cord and a trolling rope. Once fully charged, the Lowrance’s capable internal battery provides eight to 10 hours of function.

Cast one of the Lowrance fish hunters from your land or water-based location and see what lies hidden below the water’s surface at depths of up to 160 feet. The unit remains on the surface of the water and emits a sonar in a cone-shaped signal that quickly provides water temperature and the fish lurking at different depths.

However, cast the device using at least 20-pound test line or heavier to prevent the line from breaking. You can also troll with the fish hunter in the water behind your boat, canoe or kayak at speeds of up to 2.5 miles per hour.

See the world beneath the water in either the traditional sonar view or the smart fish view. The sonar view displays fish in traditional arched images. Monitor the smart fish and sonar images simultaneously on a split screen. Adjust the sensitivity of the device using a side menu to see the action at certain depths, track various sizes of fish or to eliminate excess noise. Setting the sensitivity for fish size enables anglers to locate baitfish or to hone in on the prize catch of the day. The devices also include flashing technology, so you can use the device for ice fishing in the middle of winter.

The FishHunter is designed to be durable in outdoor temperature of down to 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Enable the Bathymetric contour chart option to create customized colored maps or mark waypoints when finding your most successful fishing spots. Conversely, you can map an entire lake for future reference.

If you prefer not to actively watch your smartphone or mobile device, simply set the fish hunter to alarm mode and the unit will notify you when fish are detected. The top of each device blinks red when fish come into range.

Download the FishHunter app from IOS App or Google Play Store and monitor the angling progress of friends or live stream other anglers worldwide. You can also use the app to locate bait shops or marinas, post photographs of the day’s catch or share your spots with other anglers using the fish finder.

The app also features a logbook option to keep track of what you caught and where. Plan fishing trips according to the phases of the moon and monitor weather conditions. An incorporated database provides images of various fish species, their habits and bait choices to make your fishing adventure more successful. Your mobile device continues receiving calls and text messages while using the fish finder.

FishHunter Pro

The Pro version uses a tri-frequency transduce that emits signals at 381 kHz, 475 kHz and 675 kHz. The sonar sends the cone-shaped signal downward. The bottom of the cone spans 150 feet in diameter. Using the raw view, you can also monitor the motion of your jig.

FishHunter 3D

Simply cast the device into the water and receive a signal up to 200 feet away from your land or water-based location. The 3D version does everything the Pro fish hunter accomplishes and more. The underwater view expands into a three-dimensional image to provide a clearer picture of bottom contours, vegetation, manmade objects and fish.

The Lowrance 3D emits five interconnecting tri-frequency signals simultaneously. Each cone expands to 160 feet in diameter, which enables you to cover a wider range, and thus improves your fish-finding options. You also quickly see at what depth the fish are swimming. The fish images are displayed as fish icons that also display depth. However, setting the sensitivity level enable you to determine the size of fish you want to find.

All five signals are clearly displayed on your mobile device. When the unit detects action, the precise cone signal turns red to get your attention. Open the signal to see the action.

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