Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
3Garmin Striker 7sv
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO

GPS Chartplotters

Best Marine GPS – Unbiased Reviews

A marine GPS, whether a standalone navigator, chartplotter, or plotter fishfinder combo is going to be your favorite piece of marine electronics when you’re running the tight confines of a wily inlet at o’dark thirty or looking for your favorite fishing hole. Joining a chartplotter and a fishfinder into a

Standard Horizon Chartplotters

You will find a number of Standard Horizon GPS chartplotters and combination chartplotter fishfinders, as well as chartplotter VHF radio combos on the marine electronics market today. As a builder of a variety of marine gear Standard Horizon is the one maker that has combined a VHF radio with a

Standard Horizon CPV550 Review

The Standard Horizon CPV550 features a massive 12-inch color screen and will do about anything but cook dinner. It’s a full-function chartplotter packed with a VHF and a number of bonus capabilities. Plus, it has the ability to hook up to an optional black box sounder and AIS receiver. The

Standard Horizon CP390i Review

The Standard Horizon CP390i is built around a very high resolution 7-inch display screen that packs 800 by 480 pixels of resolution. Compared to its smaller brother, the CP390i is a big step up in screen space, pixel count, and the ability to see fine detail. This Standard Horizon chartplotter

Standard Horizon CP190i Review

The Standard Horizon CP190i is built around a bright crisp 5-inch display screen and features a built-in 50-channel GPS sensor. It also comes with preloaded cartography and is one of the least expensive standalone chartplotters on the market today. The preloaded charts in this Standard Horizon GPS chartplotter provide detailed

Standard Horizon CP180 Review

 The Standard Horizon CP180 we tested ships with an external Smart GPS sensor. This unit is one of the least expensive standalone chartplotters on the market today. Another version, the CP180i is equipped with an internal GPS sensor. Our test unit comes with a base map. More detailed cartography is

Standard Horizon CP1000C Review

The Standard Horizon CP1000C is a large screen colorized version of the original CP150 Standard Horizon GPS chartplotter. It measures just over 13.5 inches wide by nearly 9 inches high and is equipped with a huge 10.4-inch color screen boasting 640 x 480 resolution. Well known in the marine electronics

Sitex Colormax Wide

The Sitex ColorMax Wide chartplotter we tested was paired with the Sitex ES502 black box sounder to provide both plotting and sounder capabilities. This unit will also accept radar inputs from a Sitex radar sensor. The ColorMax Wide comes with a quick-release bracket that allows for easy removal of the

Sitex Colormax 6

The Sitex ColorMax 6 will interface with the Sitex ES502 sounder and AIS. The case measures just over 8-inches wide by 6-inches high and is under 3-inches deep. ColorMax 6 comes with a quick release bracket that keeps all wiring on the boat. A nice feature but, in our opinion

Sitex Colormax 5

The Sitex Colormax 5 ships with a Smart GPS sensor. The unit does contain a base map but to get detailed cartography, tide information, and buoy data you’ll need to add a map card. We filled the unit’s single card slot with a C-Map Max chart card covering South Florida

Sitex Colormax 11 Review

The Sitex ColorMax 11 is a large screen all-in-one chartplotting system. It will interface with the Sitex ES502 sounder, a couple different models of Sitex radar, AIS, and video. This unit will take up some panel space as it measures just under 13-inches wide by nearly 9 inches high. ColorMax

Raymarine E80 Review

The Raymarine E80 is a mid-sized multi-function marine chartplotter designed for recreational boats. Ten dedicated pushbuttons, plus a rotary enter knob, cursor pad, and five multi-purpose soft keys make operating this unit a snap. The E80 display will interface with and display information from a number of sources. Raymarine radar

Raymarine C90W Review

The Raymarine C90W is the little brother in the updated C-series widescreen lineup. The update was more like a complete revamp of old C-series into what is best described as a next-generation multi-function display capable of interfacing with radar, AIS, other C-series units, a black box sounder, and more. The

Raymarine C140W Review

The Raymarine C140W is the king-of-the-hill in the newly released C-series widescreen lineup. This next-generation network capable multi-function chartplotter can do it all and in a very big way too with its huge display screen. The C140W ships with the display unit, a sun cover, documentation, and cabling. The display

Raymarine C120W Review

The Raymarine C120W is the midsized unit in the newly released C-series widescreen network capable multi-function chartplotter lineup. The C120W ships with the display unit, a sun cover, documentation, and cabling. The display has an internal GPS sensor and can connect to an optional external GPS antenna if desired. It

Northstar 6000i Review

We installed a Northstar 6000i networked system, now a Navico brand, for long-term testing aboard our 25′ Contender. The Northstar GPS system included a 10.4-inch and 8.4-inch display, a Northstar black box sounder, and radar. Most but not all connections in the Northstar network are easily made with supplied cables.

Garmin RF Remote Review

The Garmin RF remote control is designed to work with and operate any 4000- or 5000-series Garmin chartplotter. We performed our testing with this unit aboard our Contender test boat on a Garmin 5212. The unit is designated RF because it uses radio signals in the 2GHz band to exercise

Garmin 740 Review

The Garmin 740 is a multifunction display featuring a high resolution 7-inch display with a touchscreen user interface. An internal high-sensitivity GPS sensor combined with preloaded Garmin BlueChart g2 U.S. Coastal cartography gives detailed position and navigation information. The 740 package ships with the display unit, a protective front panel

Garmin 541 Review

The Garmin 541 is the latest update in this series of Garmin marine GPS chartplotter. The 541 unit ships equipped with a high-sensitivity internal GPS sensor and preloaded Garmin BlueChart g2 U.S. coastal cartography. Also included with the display unit is a power/data cable, protective front cover, tilt and swivel

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