Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
3Garmin Striker 7sv
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO


Boat Wire, Choose Carefully

In the harsh marine environment only top shelf boat wire or marine cable will suffice. Start any repair or installation project by picking the right wire for the job by choosing good quality wire or cable properly sized and color-coded for the job at hand. Get the Right Type and

How to Install a Fishfinder on a Kayak

Fishing from a kayak brings many advantages over traditional boats. Kayaks are small, highly maneuverable, and can float in even the shallowest waters. Additionally, folding kayaks can be broken down and carried by hand or even in a backpack, enabling fishermen to easily travel overland in pursuit of the best

How To Install a Fishfinder on a Boat

A fishfinder is an essential piece of kit for any dedicated fisherman. Not only does it save time by enabling fishermen to avoid casting a line where there’s nothing to catch, but it also helps fishermen find new, better places to fish, as well as avoid underwater hazards. However, they

Marine Electronics Repair

Deciding on a marine electronics repair or opting for replacement is a topic just about all boat owners will face sooner or later. Today’s marine electronics are reliable and durable, but one day they will all face the need for service. Boat owners watching their budgets are likely to try

Marine Electronics Installation Tips

Our straightforward marine electronics installation tips will guide you through installing any piece electronics gear including a radio, chartplotter, or even a fishfinder. Use one or all of our marine electronics installation tips to improve and ease the work once you have chosen the specific radio, bilge pump, or other

Marine Electronics Box

A marine electronics box mounted directly under a top, whether a hard fiberglass T-top, or soft canvas, or the overhead in a cabin can be a convenient and useful storage space for your marine navigation and communication devices. Many new boats are sold with an electronics box as standard equipment

How to Install a Chartplotter

For this how to install a chartplotter article I will be removing a older Northstar 6000i and replacing it with a new Garmin 740s chartplotter fishfinder combo unit. An Icom VHF radio will be retained. All the gear is to be flush mounted on a panel in the boatÂ’s center

How to Install a Washdown Pump

In this example of how to install a washdown pump I will be replacing a below deck raw water pump on a 25-foot Grady White center console. The only symptom supplied by the operator was, “The system popped the circuit breaker when I tried to use it”. With these symptoms

How to Install a Transducer

By following the how to install a transducer instructions provided here you should be able to turn what many consider a difficult task into an easy straightforward transom mount transducer installation. The two big issues that pop as problematic on most transducer installation jobs is properly locating the transducer so

Flush Mount Marine Gear

Here’s how to flush mount marine electronics with the new panel mounted on the outside of the console or dashboard. Flush mounting electronics not only looks good, it increase the value of your boat, and keeps everything on the same plane for easy viewing and switch handling. You’ll Need Five

Use Your Push Pole to Increase VHF Range

This tip will be helpful to small boat operators who need to increase VHF radio transmission range for operation in remote areas or during an emergency. Many small skiffs, particularly flats boats, equipped with a VHF radio, do not have their antenna mounted very high. Since VHF is line of

Boat Wiring, Making the Right Connection

Here’s our How-To on making a watertight boat wiring connection that will provide years of trouble-free service aboard your boat. Boat wiring problems can play a big role in whether your boating experience is pleasureable or not. Nine out of ten times a bad connection will prove to be the

Using Hot Melt Glue

I regularly use hot-melt glue to seal bundled wire cables, this stiffens the cable and makes if waterproof. I also use this methodology to seal antenna or any other coax connectors for radios. This should work well on a marine VHF radio antenna connector. Just melt some hot-melt glue on

Basic Boat Wiring Tips

An understanding of basic boat wiring is a necessity for any boat owner or operator. Any discussion with a marine technician will highlight the fact that often times a boat’s operational problems are related to its electrical system. When you install basic boat wiring, the distance from the power supply