Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
3Garmin Striker 7sv
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO

Fixed Mount VHF Radios

West Marine VHF650

The West Marine VHF650 is built by Uniden and sold through West Marine. This mid-level marine VHF radio has some unique features normally only found in more expensive gear. They include a basic hailer, battery voltage monitor, and dot matrix display screen. Plus, its waterproof to tough JIS7 standards, meaning

West Marine VHF580

The West Marine VHF580 is sold online through the West Marine website and nationally in stores. This entry level marine VHF radio has all the basics plus a Class D DSC rating. The front panel features up/down channel selector pushbuttons as well as one-button control to select transmitter power level

West Marine VHF 550

The West Marine VHF550 is built by Uniden and sold through West Marine online and at stores. It’s a mid-grade marine VHF radio with a couple exclusive features not often seen in this price range. It can connect to a wireless remote microphone and has a basic hailer system. Functions

Uniden UM625 Review

The Uniden UM625c has the first color display we’ve seen in a marine VHF radio. It also sports a super-sized front panel that measures 6.4 by 4.3 inches. Pushbuttons are big, backlit, and well spaced. The large color display screen has 15 levels of backlighting and two color palettes, selectable

Uniden UM525 Review

Everything about the new Uniden UM525 is big. Its well-lit display covers more area than any other similarly priced marine VHF radio. Onscreen letters and numbers are huge and easy to read even at a distance. Pushbuttons are big, backlit, and well spaced. The only downside with this super sizing

Uniden UM425 Review

The Uniden UM425 is a mid-priced marine VHF radio with some unique features. They include a basic hailer, battery voltage monitor, and dot matrix screen. One-button control is available for making a DSC distress call, selecting transmitter power level, hailer, weather channels, menu, and a quick 16 or 9 selection.

Uniden Solara D Review

The Uniden Solara D UM380 is the current entry level marine VHF radio from marine electronics maker, Uniden. It features basic transmit and receive capabilites as well as a DSC class D rating. Beyond the basics its feature list is relatively short. Buy this Uniden marine VHF radio here. Performance

Uniden Oceanus D Review

The Uniden Oceanus is an inexpensive basic marine VHF radio with a variety of extra features for little extra money. Let’s call it a mid-level performer for an entry level price tag. Performance Transmitter performance results were generally good. The Oceanus fell a bit short in power output during the

Standard Horizon PS1000 Review

The Standard Horizon PS1000 Phantom couples a VHF radio to a RAM+ microphone and replaces the radio faceplate with a blank cover. The radio box mounts in an out-of-the-way place, and only the large hand microphone with full controls hangs at the helm. According to Scott Iverson, Standard Horizon Marketing

Standard Horizon Marine VHFs

The full line of Standard Horizon marine VHF radios supply both recreational boaters and commercial marine businesses with top quality products. This newer series of fixed mount marine VHF radios share a few model names with the earlier line of units—Eclipse, Quest, and Matrix are still around—but with all the

Standard Horizon GX5500S Review

The Standard Horizon GX5500S Quantum packs the most powerful audio system we’ve found in a marine VHF radio. This top-of-the-line unit has an alphanumeric keypad, a large dot matrix display screen, and very good transceiver performance. The GX5500S can connect to as many as two optional remote microphones and be

Standard Horizon GX3500S Review

The Standard Horizon GX3500S Quantum marine VHF radio has a large front panel that is fitted with an alphanumeric keypad used for data entry and functional control. Three hefty rotary knobs control volume, squelch, and channel selection. On the left side of the radio front panel the alphanumeric keypad shares

Standard Horizon GX1280S Review

The Standard Horizon GX1280S Matrix has a moderately sized front panel fitted with a large display screen and rotary channel selection knob. This Standard Horizon marine VHF is capable of interfacing with the companies’ optional voice scrambler and can connect to a remote microphone. Performance We found transmitter power output

Standard Horizon GX1150 Review

The Standard Horizon GX1150 Eclipse is the latest iteration of entry level marine VHF radio from this prominent player in the marine electronics arena. This Standard Horizon radio ships with the radio, front panel attached microphone, owner’s manual, tilt mounting bracket suitable for dashboard or overhead use, mounting hardware, and

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