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Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2 Review

Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2 has an average rating of 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


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For 2017, Humminbird has once again stepped up the technology by creating the Helix 5 CHIRP G2 fish finder. Unlike the 1st Generation series, Gen 2 features the addition of CHIRP sonar, which enables anglers to scan depths using low, middle or high frequencies individually or simultaneously. The advanced sonar provides better target separation, reduced image noise and displays in higher-resolution along with the ability to reach depths of up to 1000 feet.


Anglers need merely dial the specific kHz in order to define the search range desired. Quickly access low, medium or high frequency ranges to find the species of fish that you hope to catch. The CHIRP also increases the ability to differentiate between bait fish, game fish, drop-offs, wrecks and other debris lying deep below the water’s surface. If the sonar beam encounters a group of fish, the display identifies each fish as an arch or dot and not one large dot.

The CHIRP sonar includes a transom mounted XNT 9 SI 180 T transducer and a 20-foot cable, which functions with fish finders having DI, SI or sonar capabilities. There is also an integrated water temperature probe that tells anglers the temperature at the upper most water layer. While normal 2D sonar functions at dual frequencies of 83/200 kHz, CHIRP extends the range to 75-95 hHz and 175-255 kHz. While down-imaging and side-imaging typically scan at a 455 kHz frequency, CHIRP increases the range to 420-520 kHz.

To use all three ranges at once, angles must have two CHIRP transducers plus two SM3000 black boxes. Range descriptions are as follows:

  • High range frequency spans 130 to 210 kHz and covers depths of up to 3,300 feet. At this level, bait fish and game fish come into view.
  • Medium range frequency spans 85 to 135 kHz and covers depths of up to 6,500 feet. At this depth, swordfish, tuna and other larger game fish are found.
  • Low range frequency spans 28 to 65 kHz and covers depths of up to 10,000 feet. This depth enables anglers or researchers to scan the bottom of the ocean floor

The 2nd Generation Helix Family

The Helix 5 Generation 2 CHIRP family includes five different models of fish finders. Each comes equipped with different features to accommodate a wide range of anglers and boaters. All models have the 5-inch 800 x 480 pixel display, gimbal or in-dash mounts. All of the Helix 5 devices are easily upgraded to include the map features you need. The Helix 5 CHIRP GPS G2, the Helix 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 and the Helix 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 are all equipped with GPS technology that includes a Micro SD card slot for use with cartography, saving screenshots, recording sonar readings or storing 25,000 waypoints, 45 routes and 50 tracks.

The GPS-equipped models come with AutoChart Live, which provides the ability to map depth using eight hours of storage space. All models are also compatible with the Humminbird LakeMaster charts, Gold/HotMaps and Navionics. The optional Smart Strike software gives anglers the advantage on fishing spots by identifying hot locations based on fish species, day of the year, season and current weather conditions.

  • Helix 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2-The Helix model features down imaging, which enables anglers to view what is going on at depths of up to 600 feet. The view provided by down-imaging is fan-shaped and similar to a diver beneath the water and looking out into the vast watery expanse.
  • Helix 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2-The model enables 350-foot down imaging and 100-foot side imaging to the left and right of the vessel. Side imaging features two thin fan-shaped beams that replicate an overhead view looking at fish and structures beneath the water.
  • Helix 5 CHIRP GPS G2-The unit is designed for anglers or boaters who do not desire sonar capabilities.
  • Helix 5 CHIRP GPS G2 PT-The portable device comes with a Humminbird shuttle, a soft-sided carrying case, a suction cup transducer, a 7aH battery and charger.
  • Helix 5 Sonar G2 models are sold either as mounted or portable versions. Along with the Helix 5 DI G2, the Helix 5 Sonar offers DualBeam PLUS Sonar for choosing narrow, highly-detailed beams or wide beams for larger search areas. These models function at depths of up to 1,500 feet. Anglers might also purchase optional paddle-wheel speed sensors to monitor vessel water speed.

Fish ID

The Helix 5 CHIRP Gen2 also comes with fish ID. While in 2D function, the technology replaces the familiar fish arches with fish symbols displayed above each fish. The color of the symbol also tells anglers which beam detected the fish. Fish found on the 200 kHz beam have orange symbols while fish found on the 83 kHz beam show up in green symbols. Anglers also have the option of purchasing a fish alarm that has three settings for medium, medium-large or large fish.

Despite all the bells and whistles that come with the new Helix 5 CHIRP, the units remain affordable. The ever-increasing innovations introduced by Humminbird give anglers yet another leg up on catching instead of finding the cache for the day. You can get a great deal on Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2 here.

 Lowrance Elite 5 Ti Simrad GO5 XSEHumminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
lowrance_elite5tisimrad go5 xsehumminbirdHelix5
Screen Size5 in5 in5 in
Screen Resolution800 x 480800 x 480800 x 480 pixels
Display TypeWidescreen, 16:9 ; WVGA color TFT LCDWVGA Colour TFT LCD256 Color TFT
Imaging2D and Down Imaging and Side Imaging2D, Down Imaging and Side ImagingCHIRP/Side Imaging/Down Imaging/DualBeam PLUS
Transducer TypeTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom MountTransom Mount/Trolling Motor
Transmit Power500W RMS500 W (RMS)500W RMS, 4000W Peak to Peak
Sonar Frequency (50/200 or 83/200 kHz) + 455/800 kHzTraditional: 83/200 kHz
CHIRP (mid and high)
DownScan: 455/800 kHz
StructureScan: 455/800 kHz
83/200/455 kHz
CHIRP Frequencies (Out of Box Transducer)
83 kHz: 75-95 kHz
200 kHz: 175-225 kHz
455 kHz: 420-520 kHz
CHIRP Frequencies (Optional Purchase Transducer)
Low: 28-75 kHz
Med: 75-155 kHz
High: 130-250 kHz
83/200: 75-155/130-250
50/200: 28-75/130-250
Maximum Depth1000 ft1000 ft1500 ft (out of box transducer)
2500 ft (optional purchase transducer)
GPS Antenna Type10kHz Internal high-sensitivity WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS10 Hz GPS receiverInternal
Waypoint Storage300010,000 points total combined waypoints / route points2500

User Reviews

Posted by TCH

  • 4/5

Not a bad unit, very clear screen, easily readable from all angles, during daylight. Chirp does make a difference and add more clarity to the sonar output. I didn’t like the preloaded maps, I had to spend extra to get better maps.

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