Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Garmin Striker 7sv
3Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO

Choosing a Handheld GPS for Marine Use

Choosing a handheld GPS for your boat, whether as a primary or back up navigation device, amounts to determining how you intend to use this tool and how much you are able and willing to spend to acquire hardware and software. Today’s handheld GPS units range from roughly $100 to

Used Marine Electronics

Used marine electronics often go overlooked when boat owners outfit a new vessel or replace pieces of marine electronics equipment like a mapping chartplotter, fishfinder, or radar on their current boat. The cost of outfitting a recreational vessel with boat electronics can exceed $10,000 when you add up all the

Using a Marine Radio

Using a marine radio may appear to be pretty straightforward, but you have to know some rules, procedures and the most important frequencies to fully utilize this critical communication device. One of the most important things to remember is that channel 16 is the International Hailing and Distress Frequency. This

Using a Fishfinder

At first glance, using a fishfinder may seem complicated, but once you understand the technology behind the machine and some basic functions, you will quickly become a pro at finding fish. However, before we delve into the world of sonar, transducers and LCD screen resolution, let’s talk about fish finding

More on Marine VHF Radios

This is Post 2 of 2, a continuation from our Post titled Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radios Reviewed.  If you have not read This Post please read it first. A question from a Marine Electronics Reviews reader about radio channels in the UK and Europe prompted me to contact Raymarine

How We Test Fixed VHF Radios

We evaluate marine VHF radios through a series of bench tests to check performance of the transmitter section, receiver section, and audio system. To get accurate results we use a communications service monitor. Transmitter Testing FCC Regulations limit marine VHF transmitter maximum power output to 25 watts, they also specify

Marine Radar

Marine radar has helped me immensely in navigating to destination while providing both another layer of safety and a certain level of peace of mind on several tough trips this past year. Even though I operate in sunny South Florida, weather and darkness can and do occasionally join forces to

How We Test Chartplotters

Normally we test marine chartplotters aboard our one of our test boats. We aim for a competitive analysis by comparing at least two or more like units during each review. One of the most important features of any gps chartplotter or chartplotter fishfinder combo unit is how well you can

Marine AIS

Marine AIS, an acronym for Marine Automatic Information System, is ship collision avoidance technology, which has been required on large commercial ships since 2002, that has finally trickled down to recreational boaters. Automatic Information System (AIS) is similar in function to the mandatory collision avoidance system carried on airliners. Simply

Iridium 9555 Review

The Iridium 9555 is a compact self-contained satellite telephone and the newest addition to the companies sat phone lineup. From the factory this Iridium sat phone ships with the handset, battery, AC and DC chargers, an international plug kit, headset, auxiliary antenna, and antenna adaptor tray. The sat phone case

Iridium 9505A Review

The Iridium 9505A is a self-contained sat phone designed to operate in rugged remote areas. Coverage exists worldwide so no matter where you and your boat might be you’ll still be connected to home. From the factory this Iridium satellite telephone ships with the handset, two batteries, AC and DC

How We Test Handheld VHF Radios

First off, the batteries of each handheld marine VHF radio we test are fully charged using their associated AC charger. Then we run each radio through a series of bench tests using a communications service monitor. Our tester records results for transmitter power output, frequency accuracy and stability, and receiver

GizzMoVest Handheld Protective Case

California based GizzMoVest is a small upstart designing and building a line of protective cases for handheld devices. Sailors and powerboaters will appreciate the case and mounting solutions available for mariner favored handheld GPS from Garmin. Each GPS case is manufactured from Ethylene-based foam offering outstanding protection against impact while

Fishing Electronics

Having useful fishing electronics on your boat will help you catch more fish. So you’ve bought yourself a boat and you want to become a decent fisherman. You’ll want to be armed with an arsenal of marine electronics. Sonar and Global Positioning System (GPS) stand out as the primary weapons

Digital Selective Calling

Digital Selective Calling or DSC is an attempt to enhance communications between operators who use marine radios. As recreational boaters our main concern is with the marine VHF radio aboard our boats. Another part of this enhancement is the USCG long planned upgrade to shore and sea based radio equipment

Choosing a Marine Battery

Choosing a marine battery that will be right for your boat can be a tough undertaking today due to the numerous types and wide variety of design duties of batteries on the marine market. Two basic types of marine battery perform two distinctly different jobs. A starting battery is built

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