Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
3Garmin Striker 7sv
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO

Fixed Mount VHF Radios

Standard Horizon GX1000S Review

The Standard Horizon GX1000S Eclipse is a compact easy-to-operate no-frills entry level marine VHF radio that does the job of communicating for very little money. Some scanning options, backlight adjustment of brightness and contrast, turning weather alert on or off, and setting time location and offset are accomplished by entering

Raymarine VHFs

Raymarine VHF radios are an integral part of the long line of marine electronics products produced by UK-based Raymarine. The list includes chartplotters, marine radar, marine AIS, fishfinders, and more. The basic entry level marine VHF radio is priced above a number of other manufacturer’s entry level units. However, this

Raymarine 55 Review

The Raymarine 55 is a miniaturized version of the companies’ top-of-the-line radio. The two even share the same owner’s handbook. This model VHF has a few less features and a significantly lower price tag. The standard microphone has push buttons to control channel selection, scan, transmitter power, local/distant receive sensitivity,

Raymarine 54 Review

The Raymarine 54 marine VHF is one of a series of re-designed radios with upgraded styling and sophistication. One button provides quick 16/9 channel selection, another dual and tri watch, one for save and scan, call and menu, clear and weather channel, and the last sets high/low transmitter power and

Raymarine 49 Review

The Raymarine 49 is a newly redesigned entry level marine VHF radio from marine electronics giant Raymarine. Additional functions on the Ray 49 are operated by going into menus and then making choices with the channel rotary knob. Some commonly used VHF menu choices are local/distant receiver setting, picking the

Raymarine 218 Review

The Raymarine 218 is the most expensive and sophisticated radio produced by well-known marine electronics manufacturer, Raymarine. Special features on this best-of-breed marine VHF radio include a moderately large dot matrix display screen with three soft keys and a movable microphone. The Ray 218 can use an optional microphone relocation

Raymarine 240 Review

The Raymarine 240 VHF modular design follows a common aviation design theme. Pilots flying large aircraft make VHF calls with a hand mike plugged into a bulkhead, change channels with a small control head on the center pedestal, and listen to incoming calls on an overhead speaker. This Raymarine VHF

Raymarine 215 Review

When the Raymarine 215 first appeared on the market it was at the top of this marine electronics makers’VHF radio lineup. When connected to a GPS unit through its NMEA0183 connection this radio will display latitude/longitude and current time. This Ray VHF can use an optional remote microphone and operate

Navman 7200 Review

This is the final farewell for Navman 7200 VHF radio.The Navman brand is no longer. In mid-March 2008 Navico, the Navman parent company, stopped marketing the Navman brand name. Many products will still be available worldwide under the Northstar brand. This particular radio will now be marketed exclusively as the

Navman 7100 Review

Here is a last look at the Navman 7100 VHF radio.The Navman brand is no longer. In mid-March 2008 Navico, the Navman parent company, stopped marketing the Navman brand name. Many products will still be available worldwide under the Northstar brand. This particular radio will now be marketed exclusively as

Midland Regatta Review

The Midland Regatta is a mid-sized no-frills entry level marine VHF radio from a world-leader in two-way radio communications. Operation of the Regatta is very simple. There are no menus to dig through. Almost everything on this radio is operated with a single button. They include: making a DSC distress

Icom Marine VHFs

Icom marine VHF radios have been at the top of the marine electronics industry for years, and with good reason as they have generally set the standard for marine VHF radio performance. Icom tends to keep a limited number of models in their marine VHF fleet at any one time.

Icom M422 Review

The Icom M422 has a larger face and elongated display compared to its older siblings. Pushbuttons are arranged in two parallel rows under the display screen rather than placed around its perimeter. The M422 display is longer but not quite as high as the older M402-series radios, but it does

Icom M604 Review

The Icom M604 is the most expensive and sophisticated marine VHF radio produced by well-known radio maker Icom. This top-of-the-line marine VHF features an alphanumeric keypad, a large dot matrix display screen, and very good overall performance ratings. The M604 can connect to as many as two optional remote microphones,

Icom M502 Review

The Icom M502 fits well in the upper echelon of the Icom marine VHF radio lineup with its large front panel, top performance, and fairly extensive feature list. This fixed mount VHF will couple to a remote microphone and is capable of interfacing with an optional voice scrambler. Microphone control

Icom M602 Review

The Icom M602 has a large front panel footprint that measures 8.6 inches wide by 4.3 inches high. A full alphanumeric keypad makes for easy data entry. The large display screen on the M602 has 7 levels of backlighting, both transmit and receive icons, designated areas for position and time

Icom M424 Review

The Icom M424 marine VHF radio is the latest fixed mount entry from this well-known marine electronics maker to hit the market. This boat radio features basic VHF functionality as well Class D DSC capabilities, noise cancelling circuitry, and introduces a new Icom user interface. The M424 ships with the

Icom M504 Review

The Icom M504 is one of the less expensive top-of-the-line radios on the market today. The front panel of this marine VHF houses numerous function pushbuttons, a large dot matrix display screen, and a number of control knobs. Optional add-ons include a remote microphone with controls and a voice scrambler.

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