Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
3Garmin Striker 7sv
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO


Icom Marine VHFs

Icom marine VHF radios have been at the top of the marine electronics industry for years, and with good reason as they have generally set the standard for marine VHF radio performance. Icom tends to keep a limited number of models in their marine VHF fleet at any one time.

Icom M92 Review

The Icom M92 is a floating marine handheld VHF radio and GPS navigator combo. Its full designator is the IC-M92D. This VHF/GPS combo features a built-in high-sensitivity 48-channel GPS receiver that includes navigation capabilities with a man overboard function. Other standard features include a high capacity lithium battery pack, large

Icom M72 Review

Ergonomically, the Icom M72 is tops. ItÂ’s lightweight, fits into one hand well, and is comfortable to hold and use. A very powerful battery provides the muscle for a 6-watt transmitter, the highest output power rating of any handheld VHF we’ve tested. This radio is operated with a rotary on/off/volume

Icom M422 Review

The Icom M422 has a larger face and elongated display compared to its older siblings. Pushbuttons are arranged in two parallel rows under the display screen rather than placed around its perimeter. The M422 display is longer but not quite as high as the older M402-series radios, but it does

Icom M604 Review

The Icom M604 is the most expensive and sophisticated marine VHF radio produced by well-known radio maker Icom. This top-of-the-line marine VHF features an alphanumeric keypad, a large dot matrix display screen, and very good overall performance ratings. The M604 can connect to as many as two optional remote microphones,

Icom M502 Review

The Icom M502 fits well in the upper echelon of the Icom marine VHF radio lineup with its large front panel, top performance, and fairly extensive feature list. This fixed mount VHF will couple to a remote microphone and is capable of interfacing with an optional voice scrambler. Microphone control

Icom M602 Review

The Icom M602 has a large front panel footprint that measures 8.6 inches wide by 4.3 inches high. A full alphanumeric keypad makes for easy data entry. The large display screen on the M602 has 7 levels of backlighting, both transmit and receive icons, designated areas for position and time

Icom M424 Review

The Icom M424 marine VHF radio is the latest fixed mount entry from this well-known marine electronics maker to hit the market. This boat radio features basic VHF functionality as well Class D DSC capabilities, noise cancelling circuitry, and introduces a new Icom user interface. The M424 ships with the

Icom M504 Review

The Icom M504 is one of the less expensive top-of-the-line radios on the market today. The front panel of this marine VHF houses numerous function pushbuttons, a large dot matrix display screen, and a number of control knobs. Optional add-ons include a remote microphone with controls and a voice scrambler.

Icom M412 Review

The new release Icom M412 marine VHF radio fits right smack in the middle of the Icom marine VHF fixed mount radio lineup. This boat radio is features all the basics plus built-in Class D DSC capabilities all in a compact package. The M412 ships with the radio and attached

Icom M34 Review

The Icom M34 is a totally new handheld design and the first handheld VHF we’ve tested that is designed to float. The case is just under 6 inches tall, about 2.5 inches wide and a tad less than 2 inches deep. It weighs a meager 10.8 ounces and floated on

Icom M36 Review

The Icom M36 is the second floating marine handheld VHF from this well-respected communications company. It features 6-watts of power, a lithium ion battery pack, and clear voice boost. Voice Boost is an exclusive feature that offers a large increase in audio volume with a single button press. This radio

Icom M304 Review

The Icom M304 is this manufacturerÂ’s entry level fixed mount marine VHF radio. It is compact in size and performs basic transmit, receive, and DSC operations without the fuss and expense of unwanted features. One-button operational features are limited to: making a DSC distress call, selecting the call channel or

Icom M302 Review

The Icom M302 is an entry level fixed mount VHF radio with basic features and good overall performance. This fixed mount VHF needs little panel space. The front panel footprint measures just 6-inches wide and 2.5-inches high. Microphone control capability provides for changing radio channels, quick selecting 16 or 9,

Icom M24 Review

The Icom M24 is the first truly compact lightweight floating marine handheld VHF radio to hit the marketplace. This is one of seven Icom handheld radios in the stable. The radio case is solidly constructed and well sealed against water intrusion. It measures approximately 5-inches high, 2.4-inches wide, and 1.6-inches

Icom M88 Review

The Icom IC M88 is an expensive sub-compact handheld VHF packing loads of features into a lightweight package about the size of a bar of soap. The Icom M 88 controls include a rotary on/off/volume control located on top, a push-to-talk and a squelch button located on the side, and

Icom Handheld VHFs

Icom handheld marine VHF radios have had and continue to own a reputation for straightforward functionality, reliability, and quality in the large and diverse field of marine electronics. They offer a range of models from basic to full-featured to commercial grade that will meet the needs of a wide variety

Icom GM1600 Review

The Icom GM1600 is a marine handheld VHF specifically designed for use aboard survival craft. It can also be used aboard ship and meets rigorous GMDSS requirements. We tested this radio with two different batteries. It ships with a 750 mAH rechargeable nickel cadmium (BP-224) for shipboard use. When stored