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Furuno FCV587 Review

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Furuno FCV 587 Review

Furuno is a company that designs and produces marine electronics and global positioning systems (GPS), as well as other high-tech products. One of these products is the Furuno FCV587 Fish Finder, which has 600W/1kW Power, an 8.4-inch LCD in color, and Bottom Discrimination capability. This is an exemplary product, adapted specifically to recreational and small-scale fishing. Here in this article I will explain in greater depth all this product’s impressive features, so that you, the reader, can discern whether it is the right choice for your particular needs.

Basic Specs

The Furuno FCV587 has a host of features and is of a high enough quality that the cost makes complete sense. Although it offers a host of features, they are easily accessed with its clear and easy-to-use interface. It is also attractively sleek. Its navigational data display is programmable, showing both analog and digital navigational data. The Furuno FCV587’s incredibly bright screen measures 8.4 inches, employs LCD technology, and can display results in 8, 16, or 64 colors. It is easy to read on even the sunniest of days. The screen’s LCD and glass are also bonded together, which further improves its clarity. The screen uses Furuno’s special DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, which expands automatic control (while still allowing for manual control via the knobs). The FCV587 weighs eight pounds and measures 15 x 8 x 12 inches, so it is highly portable–this is one of the ways in which it is adapted to small-scale and recreational fishing. Finally, it is waterproof, which is absolutely essential for a product like this. Its International Protection Rating is IPX5/6, meaning it is rated safe from the pressure of water jets and heavy seas.

Advanced Fish Finding

furuno fcv 587 reviewThe Furuno FCV587’s fish finding element uses a variety of Furuno’s special features, most notably Accu-Fish, Post-Processing Gain, and Bottom Discrimination mode. The Accu-Fish feature shows you the size of the fish in the water below, anywhere from a tiny 4 inches long to a massive 6 feet long, and has a fish mark function. Post-Processing Gain applies new settings to existing echoes, unlike conventional gain controls, wherein changes are applied only to new sonar results (leading to a confusing disparity). This makes it much easier to choose the gain setting that works for your location. (In the past, this feature was only available in Furuno’s fish finders for larger-scale commercial use.) Finally, Bottom Discrimination mode lets you see what the composition of the bottom of a body of water is–sand, gravel, rocks, mud, and so forth. In areas where the bottom is composed of a mixture of several substances, the Furuno FCV587, amazingly, offers a probability curve of bottom composition. You can also choose whether you want to use the fishing or automatic cruising mode, depending on what works for you. In addition, the Furuno FCV587 is dual-frequency 50/200kHz. Transducers are sold separately, and there are a variety of transducer options for use with this product (including Thru Hull, Transom Mount, Biducer, and Triducer). Its sonar’s transmission rate is 3000 PRR, which is very fast, and it functions at depths of up to 2500 feet.

Even More Features

The Furuno FCV587 also offers hands-free STC (sensitivity time control), Output Power, and gain adjustment. With the appropriate sensors (depending on what kind of transducer you purchase; see list above), it also offers alarm functions for water temperature, fish, and bottom. Furthermore, the FCV587 offers White Line, which alters how the machine displays bottom echoes–it displays the bottom as a line with a grayscale indication of echo strength. This reveals the hardness of the bottom of the body of water and the shape of objects near the bottom, and helps distinguish between the bottom and the fish that are swimming close to it. This feature can be very useful in many situations.

A Great Choice, All Around

If what you are seeking in a fish finder is compact portability, incredible accuracy, a sleek and straightforward interface, a wide variety of features, and the latest technologies, then the Furuno FCV587 Fish Finder, with 8.4-inch Color LCD, 600W/1kW Power, 50/200kHz and Bottom Discrimination, is the right choice. In addition to a high level of basic functioning, FCV587 offers Accu-Fish, Post-Processing Gain, Bottom Discrimination, White Line, and more.

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