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Garmin STRIKER 4cv Review

Garmin STRIKER 4cv has an average rating of 5 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Garmin STRIKER 4cv with Transducer Review

The extensive Garmin history has produced some very popular new products, including the Garmin STRIKER 4cv with transducer. The company followed the original STRIKER fishfinder success with a new STRIKER series that includes ClearVu technology. Even better, you can share your routes and waypoints with similar devices.

Scanning Sonar

This remarkable, compact fishfinder features a 3.5-inch color screen with high-sensitivity GPS and CHIRP ClearVu scanning sonar. You get the Garmin transducer, CHIRP 77/200kHz and CHIRP ClearVu delivering 455/800kHz, with 500 watts of power.

It makes finding fish quite easy, because you can mark hot spots and return to them, just as you can mark boat ramps and docks for stress-free navigation on the return trip. The unit also contains a built-in flasher, along with speed display. The tilt-and-swivel mount is ideal for mounting on the dash of your bass boat.

The ClearVu technology is excellent because of the added clarity. When moving over stumps and shrubbery, the view is not just blogs of red color or indistinct bumps on the screen. The view is of a recognizable object, which makes your fishing decisions more efficient.

The Garmin STRIKER 4cv will let you see trees and submersed objects you didn’t see before. Of course, you also get a much clearer representation of fish, in addition to objects and structures beneath the water. Operation is convenient with a keyed interface and dedicated buttons. It comes with mounting hardware and cable, making it easy to install and easy to use.


This technology gives you a continuous sweep of frequencies for a broad range of valuable information. The attention to technical detail creates crisper fish arches and improved target separation. The built-in flasher lets you view data in the classic format. It’s ideal for ice fishing and for vertical jigging.

CHIRP technology on the STRIKER 4cv uses a 77/200 kHz transducer for a much-higher level of clarity and fish detail than traditional transducers of this type. Rather than relying on a single frequency, CHIRP sends a sweep of frequencies, from low to high, and interprets them separately on their return. You get an image that is almost photographic, a more reliable view of what passes beneath the boat. The new 4cv combines original Garmin CHIRP sonar and CHIRP ClearVu scanning sonar in one transducer.

The company’s long history and extensive experience with GPS technology are also evident. STRIKER fishfinders have high-sensitivity GPS built in, so you can locate current position precisely and maintain location anywhere else on the lake. Mark fishing spots, docks, boat ramps etc. and follow your path to return to them when you want.

Details, Details

The display shows such valuable information as GPS speed, GPS heading, depth, distance to destination, time of arrival, bearing, distance to next, time to next and off-course information. Image shows important points and turns, in color. You can see boat speed on the screen, to check trolling speed for specific lures and fish species.

STRIKER gives you flasher and fishfinder in one unit, which is ideal for stationary fishing (ice, jigging for crappie). You can locate the bottom, have an idea if it’s muddy or solid, and keep track of your jig or weighted bait. Fish depth is also shown as they pass the sonar beam, so you’ll know if fish move to the bait.

In the 25 years since the first handheld GPS device came onto the market, innovative developers and visionary business people have taken this information technology to a different level. In 1995, dozens of GPS satellites were launched to circle the globe twice each day. At least four were visible from earth at any one time. This remarkable achievement has been brought to outdoors enthusiasts, fishing aficionados, travelers, and many others in the form of convenient, reliable devices small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.

One of these devices is the STRIKER 4cv with transducer. The waypoint map allows easy viewing, marking and navigating, with identifiable items such as stumps, docks and brush piles. If you’re serious about fishing, you may want to look at the STRIKER series. You’ll be relaxed and in control, always knowing where you are and, most importantly, where the fish are. Big tech in a small unit, great value for the price.

The Garmin STRIKER 4cv with transducer is available in 3.5-inch, 5-inch and 7-inch display sizes.


User Reviews

Posted by Lonnie

  • 5/5

Garmin always delivers quality products – high quality parts, proper instruction manuals. This unit is no exception, even though it’s a cheaper graph. The unit works great, I especially like ClearVu feature, I didn’t have that in my old fishfinder. Keep in mind that this unit is small, no bigger than an average smart phone, might be too small for some.

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