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Humminbird 998C SI Review

Humminbird 998C SI has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.



With up to 8000w of PTP power output, the Humminbird 998C SI equips the angler with the tools needed to ensure success. SwitchFire Sonar lets you alter the returns you receive based on the fishing and water conditions that exist. Know the size of your potential catch with Selective Fish ID. Get clear detail with split screen zoom capabilities. Combine the technology with an interface that is customizable for your preferences and you will be fishing like a pro.

Take a 180 degree view around your boat with Side Imaging and Down Imaging. Watch as sonar snapshots are created that detail what lies directly underneath you and up to 240ft on either side. When these snapshots are combined they give you a bird’s eye view of the fish, structures and bottom that surround your boat.

DualBeam plus Sonar makes the 998C SI ideal for shallow or deep water expeditions. The 20 degree beam and 60 degree beam, when viewed separately, will give you an accurate bottom profile. Increase the coverage of that profile and acquire the best picture by combining the beams together. View returns of structure and fish up to 1500ft deep. For those deep water excursions, add an optional transducer and increase your coverage to 3000ft deep.

The brilliant display offered by the 998C SI will be like a second pair of eyes into the underwater world. The 8” color screen displays your returns in a wide screen 480 X 800 resolution. This gives you images with the same high quality as any photo would offer. Enjoy your nighttime excursions with the use of the CCFL backlight.

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User Reviews

Posted by basstracker

  • 5/5

I bought mine from Bass Pro in Charlotte and it’s by the best accessory I’ve used on my boat. Side scan is such a cool feature that I don’t even fish anymore, I spend all the time examining the bottom of the lake. This thing will open your eyes and you will be amazed at how much you were missing before you bought it. It’s not cheap but it will save you money on gas, side imaging will cut down on your search time. This unit makes fishing more fun and safer – I was able to get back to the dock at night using GPS.

Posted by WestCoast

  • 1/5

I bought Humminbird 989 couple weeks ago and used it a few times already. I’m not impressed. The side imaging works fine but GPS loses connection every hour or so and it needs to be rebooted to get it back. Depth is very inaccurate at higher speeds. I should’ve bought Lowrance HDS-10.

Posted by rcheek

  • 5/5

I have been running a 998 ever since it came out, and a 997 before that. I have had 3 boats with either a 997 or 998. I have never had a problem with either one. When I have called customer service for help, they have been very good. An excellent product.

Posted by Ray

  • 2/5

I have one for a couple of years now and I’m not impressed with my unit. For the amount of times I used it I have had my share of problems with it. I have been out and when I turn it on it comes up with the Transducer is not connected.

Posted by BG Belgium

  • 5/5

Have the 1198 and the 998 , both with the HD transducer. Tested several other brands: the Humminbirds give me the best and most accurate results!

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