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Humminbird ICE 597ci HD Review

Humminbird ICE 597ci HD has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.



Up the ante of your angling experience as you watch fish and their marine surroundings come into view using Humminbird ICE 597CI HD Combo. With its 5-inch display, you can easily enjoy the full benefit of Down Imaging Sonar technology as well as Humminbird’s very own Switchfire technology. Addionally, it features a 16-channel GPS receiver as well as built-in UniMap.

Down Imaging

With Down Imaging Sonar technology, no details will ever escape your notice – you get to see what’s beneath your boat. Whatever it is – rocks, timbers, or fish – all of these will come into a stunning display using this technology.

Switchfire Sonar

Humminbird’s very own Switchfire Sonar technology comes in dual mode. You can opt for a 20° or 60° beam sonar depending on the fishing conditions as well as your preference. A 20° beam sonar gives an accurate display of what’s down under, while a 60° beam sonar is best if you want a wider coverage of everything beneath your boat. For a complete picture, you can have both displayed side by side or blended together on the screen.

Fish ID

One of Humminbird ICE 597CI HD Combo’s nifty features is its selective Fish ID which uses advanced sonar technology to process sonar returns and interpret it. It displays 3 fish icons whenever it detects fish and provides information on relative fish sizes based on the sonar returns it processed.

Sonar Echo Enhancement

It’s not enough to see details underneath or detect the movement of fish. It is equally important to know the depth of the fish so you can place your bait at that exact place. And this is something you can do with Sonar Enhancement technology – you can watch your jigging on-screen.

Split Screen Zoom

Anglers can use Split Screen Feature to get both a full-range view as well as a zoomed view of the area. The screen display will split into two to show both views.

TrueArch Technology

How would you like it if unwanted noises and interference are eliminated to reveal the real arches of your target? Anglers would know the real depth and size of their targeted fish using this technology.

Structure Marking

Cursor control allows for freezing a specific display to closely examine anything that catches an angler’s attention – whether it’s a fish-attracting structure or submerged stuff. Moreover, locations of interest can be marked using Sonar Cursor.


Majority of users find this product value for money with its full-packed features. Its GPS maps are particularly nifty for anglers to find their way around fishing spots. The display is crystal-clear and it’s easy to use for novices.


The instruction manuals are hard to understand for average anglers. Some customers complained of having a hard time in the placement of transducer due to poor installation instructions. Another concern from some users is its inaccurate speed readout.

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User Reviews

Posted by Burnsy87

  • 5/5

I have the 597 CI HD installed on my boat. This year I decided to convert it to ICE flasher for the winter instead of letting it sit idle. I’m very happy with the way it performs on the ice. It has long battery life, 3 modes of display, zoom for the whole water column. Overall a very good ice flasher.

Posted by R. Platter

  • 4/5

I received a unit with 2 transducer cables but power cable was missing. I had to wait a week before Humminbird sent me the battery cable. The flasher and GPS works great once everything is in place.

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