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Garmin GPSMAP 720S Review

Garmin GPSMAP 720S has an average rating of 2.25 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.


I use the Garmin GPSMAP 720S as the marine chart plotter on my boat. It is designed with a touch screen that allows me to navigate the device options quickly. The 8.8 inch by 3.1 inch by 5.6 inch housing of the fishfinder at a weight of 13 pounds, allows me to place the device anywhere on my boat without having to compromise with any other pieces of equipment. The 7 inch diagonal touch screen provides all of the data I need to plot my potential fishing spots. The GPSMAP 720S has a built in antennae, capable of an output of 3000 waves per second and can provide an accurate, plotted chart within seconds. I tend to monitor the screen for subtle changes which can hook me the larger fish. I was able to use my radar system input and I saw that it also supports NMEA 2000 interface connectivity.

I also get advanced weather graphical data for North America so I always know when to return to harbor and avoid dangerous water conditions. It only needed a GXM 51 satellite receiver which has been a great investment. Fortunately the GXM 51 works with the NMEA 2000 bus alone and does not require an external power supply. All I needed to do was plug it into the Garmin GPSMAPS 720 and it worked like a charm.

User Reviews

Posted by Mark Bennett

  • 1/5

The ads everywhere on the Internet say “w/Sounder”. NOT TRUE! This unit doesn’t come with transducer, that has to be purchased separately!

Posted by Seamus Oneill

  • 5/5

I installed Garmin 720s with Airmar P79 transducer on my boat about 6 months ago. It’s an excellent sonar and GPS, I love the touchscreen.

Everything worked great until about a week ago. It started losing bottom at the depth of about 10ft. I initially thought this could be a Garmin problem but it turned out I needed to add liquid to the transducer base. It’s back to working great again.

Posted by Sinisa

  • 1/5

Dear Garmin,

After evaluation of similar products like Lowrance HDS-7 or elite 7 and Humminbird Helix 7, I have decided to purchase Garmin GPSMAP 720s, because I was convicted (by Garmin guy in Garmin booth on boat show Fair) that Garmin is leading company, best support, map included, high quality product (“build to last” says your web)… etc.

Vacation. New Garmin on my boat, fishing and fun. 10-12 working hours. Perfect.
Vacation. Garmin on my boat, fishing and fun. 12-15 working hours. Perfect
Vacation. First problems (of course my warranty has expired!), after turning on, delay of 1-3 min before display lit. In total 8-10 working hours because of bad weather.
I have called service dpt. they said all is OK, maybe is contact problem. I have check and cleaned all contacts.
Vacation. I cannot turn on my Garmin, I have try and try and nothing. No Garmin on my holiday.
I went to service dpt.
After 30 days nobody calls me, I have decided to contact service and find that motherboard is defective and new one is 570€ !!!! Shame on You Garmin. After only 2 seasons on my boat and 30 or 35 working hours?!
If it is motherboard fault, you must know that it cannot be my mistake, it is obviously faulty product.
After I pick my GPSMAP720s from service dpt, I will throw it in garbage because it belong there.
Garmin “build to last” products I am so disappointed that I cannot describe.
After all unprofessional behaviour of service dpt, so expensive repair I will never buy Garmin product again. And certainly I will not recommend it to anyone.

You have prove that guys from Lowrance and Humminbird booth were right after they said that Garmin is a company that copy technology from others and transform it in to a cheap products.

I am sure that all your future customer will read this on forums and other social networks.

Best Regards


Posted by Thord Gudmundsson

  • 2/5

I hawe a 720s and use it as a fishfinder. It was good at first and fun to work with but after one year it started freezing. The screen comes on and it seems to be doing something but no luck.

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