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Shakespeare 5225-XP Review

Marine VHF Antenna Review

The Shakespeare 5225-XP marine VHF antenna is part of the superior Galaxy line. This line features highly polished stainless steel ferrules and a bright white well-built outer housing finished with high-gloss polyurethane.

This particular antenna is 8-feet tall and has 6dB of gain. It is rated for a maximum of 150 watts of power input and is tuned for maximum performance at 156.8 MHz, which is the frequency of marine VHF channel 16.

shakespeare 5225-xp marine vhf antenna

Shakespeare 5225-XP

The 5225-XP ships with 20 feet of RG8X low-loss cable and a PL-259 connector which will screw right into the antenna output jack on the back of your VHF radio.

The antenna’s hollow fiberglass housing, also known as the radome, is fitted securely into a stainless steel ferrule with 1-14 threads designed to screw onto a stainless steel ratchet base like the Shakespeare 4187, Shakespeare 4187HD, Shakespeare 5187, or other brand of base similarly constructed with a matching thread.

Like all antennas in the Galaxy line, this one is fitted with silver plated brass elements, a tinned copper inner conductor, and foam spacers to hold the radiating elements securely centered.

The radome is well constructed and finished with a high-gloss with ultraviolet protection to prevent yellowing over time.

Our Marine VHF Antenna Review

I have had the the Shakespeare 5225-XP installed on my 25-foot Contender for several years and will attest to the antennas durability and performance.

The antenna is mounted on the T-Top using a stainless steel ratchet mount to make lowering it easy. Unfortunately the operator still needs to remember to lower the antenna when needed.

I have accidentally smacked the tip top of the antenna on low overhead bridge rigging on a couple of occasions and it has survived without any noticeable damage.

When this antenna was first installed on my boat I immediately noted far better reception and range on all my VHF communications. On occasion I have been able to receive broadcasts from Coast Guard Stations at ranges of up to 60 miles.

Final Thoughts

Overall this antenna has proven to be a top performer for me and I would recommend it for similar applications. It carries a 5-year warranty.

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