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Standard Horizon HX471S Review

Even though the Standard Horizon HX471S is one of the smallest and lightest handheld radios we’ve tested, it also packs a load of features like multi-band and DSC capabilities.

This radio receives voice traffic on the Marine, Aircraft, Family, AM, FM, MURS, and Aircraft bands. It can transmit on Marine and Family radio channels.

Standard Horizon HX471S handheld vhf radio

Standard Horizon HX471S

During a DSC emergency call, it will transmit the entered MMSI number and if configured properly will also relay position data in lat/long.

HX471S has top-mounted volume and squelch knobs and a side-mounted pushbutton for push-to-talk and backlighting.

Front-panel pushbuttons to control transmitter power output selection, channel changing, weather, scanning, band choice, and a quick 16.

An optional headset, microphone, or speaker plugs into a jack on the top of the unit.


The HX471S performed well in our tests, earning mostly good ratings in transmitter and receiver testing. We noted no problems during the drop or submersion test. This handheld only managed a middling 87 dBA in our audio test.

Battery Life

Battery life on this radio was 13 hours in our testing, well beyond the manufacturerÂ’s 10- to 12-hour claim. One thing to keep in mind: When this radio dies from a low battery, it is completely dead and will require a charge before it will come back to life.

Recharge time on the HX471S is a very fast 3 hours. Battery replacement is $83.

Final Thoughts

This radio has a ton of features packed into a small package. Performance though was middle of the pack.

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