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Swarovski SLC 7x50B Review

The Swarovski SLC 7x50B features a roof prism design that gives these marine binoculars a very long, narrow, sleek look. This binocular review found the SLC’s tipping the scale at just under 41-ounces making this set comparable in weight to other expensive binos we’ve reviewed.

Swarovski claims patented multi-coated glass optimizes light gathering, color fidelity, and sharpness even in tough low-light conditions. The Swarovski binoculars received an excellent rating for day/night viewing and in the opinion of our testers were the best of the best for viewing.

swarovski slc 7x50b waterproof marine binocular

Swarovski SLC 7x50B

Testers found they provided a razor sharp image with no colorcasts. The Swarovski glasses provided a crisp clear view under all test conditions.

The exterior of these binoculars are coated with a tough green plastic armor. They are not equipped with a compass or rangefinder.

This binocular feels a bit narrow and small in hand. Extended fingers overlap uncomfortably in the center.

Focusing is accomplished with a center focus knob. Another small knob in the center of the focus knob provides dioptric corrections between eyes.

If your eyes are matched and exhibit no variance you will only need to use the center focus knob. If your vision varies slightly between eyes like mine do you’ll need to go through a simple procedure to obtain optimal view settings.

While looking through the binoculars close your right eye and set the focus for your left eye with the center focus knob. Then switch eyes and set the focus for the right eye with the dioptric correction knob. Now you can note the correction on the scale and remember for future use.

The center focus and dioptric correction knobs operated smoothly and positively.

The eyecups on the SLC’s are hard plastic barrels covered at the eye end with a soft rubber to protect your eye. Twisting the eyecups or retracts them as needed.

Testers did not particularly like the screw-in eyecups, finding them difficult to get adjusted properly and not very comfortable.

Swarovski furnishes a soft-sided case with their binoculars. We found the wide padded neck strap comfortable to wear.

The front lens covers are in our preferred location and hinged on the bottom of the lens tubes. They fit snuggly and fell out of the way as soon as they are opened.

Swarovski says the SLC 7x50B binoculars will stay watertight to a depth of 13 feet.

Sleek and good looking the Swarovski binoculars provide an exceptional view but lack a compass and rangefinder. They are extremely expensive.

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