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Uniden MHS350 Review

The Uniden MHS350 has a top-mounted volume and squelch control knobs with a jack to connect an optional external speaker or microphone located alongside.

Buy the Uniden MHS350 here.

Eight front-mounted pushbuttons control transmitter power selection, channel changing, weather, and scanning.

uniden mhs350 handheld vhf radio

Uniden MHS350


The MHS350 performed well in our testing, earning a good ratings for both transmitter frequency stability and power output. Receiver sensitivity was rated excellent while the maker gives the radio a selectivity rating of 60 dB, not great but adequate for a handheld.

It passed the submersion and drop testing with no problem. Like other Uniden radios we’ve tested, the MHS350 battery area is not sealed to prevent water intrusion. Instead gasketing is used around the critical battery to radio electrical connections. Should you submerge this radio in saltwater it is best to remove the battery, rinse with freshwater, and then dry everything out to prevent any corrosion from getting a foothold.

Battery Life

This is the only radio we’ve tested that ships standard with two batteries.

The accompanying AC quick charger brings both batteries up to full charge in a very quick four hours. Having the second charged battery readily available as a spare allows an immediate swap out of a weak of dead battery. This effectively doubles the battery life of this radio.

In our test a single battery in the MHS350 lasted 11 hours, not quite the 12 to 14 hour claim, but still good. Replacement cost of the 1100 mAH nickel metal hydride battery is a very reasonable $29.

Final Thoughts

Good overall performance, low battery replacement cost, and two batteries as standard issue makes this package a best buy as a mid-priced handheld VHF radio.

Buy the Uniden MHS350 here.