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Garmin echo 151dv Review

Garmin echo 151dv has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.



A fishfinder that’s both powerful and very easy to use, the Garmin echo 151dv offers a four-inch display with an eight-level grayscale display and 160 x 256 resolution. Echo 151dv provides similar features and specs as its predecessor – echo 150 – but it has two notable upgrades: down imaging (or DownVü as it’s called by Garmin) and support for 50/200 kHz dual frequency transducers that can be purchased separately. 77/200 kHz dual beam, DownVü transducer is included. With a power output of 200W RMS and 1,600W peak-to-peak (PTP), the Echo 151dv has a maximum depth capacity of 1,600 feet. The narrow to wide viewing cone angles provide anglers with a picture that is far beyond the sides of their boat, from shallow water down to the maximum depth. The down image and traditional sonar can be viewed side-by-side using the split-screen feature. Anglers will experience excellent bottom tracking and target separation, unparalleled in this price range.

As most anglers know, water temperature can play an important factor while fishing. The Garmin echo 151dv provides its user with constant updates on water surface temperature, helping make decisions on where the best spots might be that day. The tilt and swivel mount affords the fisherman the opportunity to view what’s below the surface from almost any position within the boat, giving instant access to information. Transom mount and low-profile transducer mounting kits are also available, making this model easy to install.

The new echo 151 comes in several different configurations. The top of the line is dv version has the DownVü capability at a price of $169. There is also 151 with a regular broadband transducer for $119 and portable version for $179. The portable bundle includes the display unit along with the base/mount, transducer with the suction cup mount, battery and charger and the carrying case. You can get a great deal on Garmin echo 151dv here.

 Lowrance Mark-4 HDIGarmin echo 151dv
Screen Size4.3 in4 in
Screen Resolution480 x 272 pixels160 x 256 pixels
Display TypeMonochrome TFT with 11-Level LED backlight8-level grayscale FSTN
Imaging2D, Down Imaging, Downscan Overlay2D and Down Imaging
Transmit PowerMax 250W RMS, 30,000W Peak to Peak (analog equivalent)200 W (RMS)
1,600 W (peak to peak)
Sonar Frequency83/200 kHz 2D
455/800 kHz Down Imaging

also 50/200 KHz dual frequency transducers
77/200 kHz dual beam

50/200 kHz optional dual frequency transducer
Maximum Depth300 ft Down Imaging
750 ft 2D @ 77 kHz
2000 ft 2D @ 50 kHz
1600 ft at 77 kHz freshwater

User Reviews

Posted by AJS

  • 2/5

This unit doesn’t keep up with my boat. The display is all messed up when I go 20mph or faster.

Posted by Bernie Lee

  • 5/5

After using the 151dv for one season I can say it’s a very good unit for the money. One tip for the new buyers I would have is make sure that the transducer plug is pressed firmly into the socket. The unit will operate in simulation mode otherwise, took me an hour to figure this one out.

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