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Lowrance Hook 7 Review

Lowrance Hook 7 has an average rating of 2.1 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.



The Lowrance Hook 7 takes the best features of its fishfinders and puts them into a convenient, easy-to-use package for any angler at an attractive price. The essential features that help maximize every minute spent on the water whether on solitary creeks, inland lakes, or offshore waters, are built into the Hook 7.

• Brilliant Lowrance-exclusive 7-inch back-lit color widescreen display
• Easiest-to-use interface
• CHIRP sonar for best target separation and minimal clutter
• ASP advanced signal processing for hands-free adjustment of sonar settings
• Downscan imaging for photo-like images of the bottom and structures
• Downscan overlay to see CHIRP scans overlaid on downscan imagery
• Trackback to let you review sonar history and set waypoints
• Highly accurate built-in GPS antenna with detailed US map
• Quick-release bracket and multiple mounting options

The Hook 7 fishfinder is a 9.26in x 3.0in x 5.95in unit that includes a brilliant 7-inch 800×480 pixels high-resolution back-lit color LED widescreen display, easily visible in open air marine environments amid glare from sky and sunlit waters. The Lowrance Hook 7 is compatible with a variety of Lowrance and Airmar transducers, and is available bundled with a low/mid/downscan transducer to match the EchoSounder operating frequencies of 455/800 kHz (DownScan Imaging™), and Mid, High 83kHz/200kHz (CHIRP).

The easy-to-use user interface controls consisting of a Keypad, Menu button, Power/Light, Pages, Zoom In/Out, and Enter buttons. The Power/Light button turns the unit On/Off and lets you select from ten levels of LED back-lighting. The Menu button opens settings, context, and page menus while the Pages button allows you to select among both full-screen and split screen display options to present the most useful information about the water underneath your boat. The Hook 7 will display vivid Sonar, Downscan, Steer, and Chart pages, as well as preset split-screen combination pages showing Chart/Sonar, Chart/Downscan, Sonar/Downscan, and Chart/Sonar/Downscan. Split screen results on the widescreen display present you with multiple sources of information, and allow other custom data combinations of your own choice.

With the Hook 7, hands-free automatic tuning of sonar settings is offered via ASP advanced signal processing. The ASP is used by the Hook’s Noise Rejection feature to monitor the effects that noise from boat pumps, water conditions, engine ignition systems have on your display and filters them out.

The Hook’s conventional sonar can be tuned for various types of fishing environments that match water depth and inland or coastal topography: general use, fresh water, deep water, slow trolling, fast trolling, clear water, brackish water, and ice. The Surface Clarity setting decreases the sensitivity of the receiver near the surface to reduce clutter from excessive surface detail. However, conventional single-frequency sonar has the disadvantage that reducing sensitivity also causes you to miss fish targets whereas increasing sensitivity also increases clutter on the display both near the surface and in the water column. Lowrance CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) sonar will transmit instead a modulated pulse of multiple frequencies resulting in better image quality, the better fish target separation near cover, and greater depth penetration with minimal clutter.

The downscan sonar imaging offers photo-like images of the water column, structures, and bottom, to help locate fish and fish-holding structures. The downscan overlay places downscan imagery over CHIRP sonar returns, making an easy target out of those fish holding tight to their cover.

The Lowrance Hook series offers the widest choice of compatible mapping packed into one head and one transducer. The Trackback feature allows for reviewing sonar history, taking a closer look at promising areas, and placing waypoints on key fishing areas. What’s more, you can use your own sonar logs transformed into Insight Genesis custom maps. The highly accurate 5Hz built-in GSP antenna works with WAAS + EGNOS + MSAS, and the standard charts include a detailed US map featuring over 3,000 rivers, lakes, and coastal contours down to 1,000 ft, and a worldwide reference base map. Optional chart upgrades include Nautic Insight PRO, Lake Insight, Jeppesen C-MAP, Navionics +, and more.

The multiple mounting options offer multiple choices of the most convenient ways to attach the unit. The quick release bracket let you take the Lowrance Hook 7 around with you. Lowrance fishfinders support 31 languages in regional packs.

The Lowrance Hook 7 fishfinder offers any serious angler a combination unit with the essential features for a rewarding fishing experience at a good price. You can get a great deal on Lowrance Hook 7 here.

 Lowrance Hook 7Garmin echoMap 70dvRaymarine Dragonfly7
Screen Size7 in7 in7 in
Screen Resolution480 x 800 pixels480 x 800 pixels800 x 640 pixels
Display Type16-bit color, Full VGA SolarMax PlusTFTMulti-touch touchscreen WVGA displayWVGA
Imaging2D and Down Imaging2D and Down Imaging2D and Down Imaging
Transducer TypeTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling Motor
Transmit PowerMax 250W RMS
30,000W Peak to Peak analog equivalent
500 W (RMS)
4,000 W (peak to peak)
500W RMS
4000W Peak-To-Peak
Sonar Frequency455/800 kHz Down Imaging,
Low, Med, High (CHIRP),
50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band)
77/200 kHz

50/200 kHz with an optional dual frequency tranducer
200 kHz Sonar/350 kHz Down Vision
Maximum DepthDown Imaging: 300 ft
CHIRP Sonar High Range/200 kHz: 1,000 ft
CHIRP Sonar Med Range/83 kHz: 1000 ft
CHIRP Sonar Low Range/50 kHz: 3,000 ft
2,300 ft at 77 kHz freshwater
1,100 ft at 77 kHz, saltwater
600 ft in both DownVision and Sonar modes
GPS Antenna TypeInternal, high-sensitivity GPS+WAASInternalInternal
Waypoint Storage300050003000

User Reviews

Posted by Phila4x4

  • 3/5

I bought this unit with intent of installing it on the front of the boat and hooking it upto the Lowrance Elite 7 CHIRP that I already have. To my amazement I realized the Hook doesn’t support networking. I thought that this is essentially the same unit as the Elite 7 CHIRP, not so. They removed several features and buttons which is why the price is lower. If you don’t need networking this might be a good unit for you, it doesn’t have nice graphics and is accurate.

Posted by Tom

  • 1/5

Easy installation. And that’s where it stopped for me, slow map loading and zooming, lost depth readings and sonar/down scan constantly freezes and delayed GPS. My old elite 5 was a better product.
I persevered for 3 month and finally gave up on the hook 7 and replaced it with a Garmin 95sv and loving life once more.

Posted by L.B.

  • 2/5

I knew when I bought it that the Hook 7 was just an upgrade on the trouble-prone Elite series, but I assumed they had fixed the bugs. I assumed wrong. The sonar worked OK, but otherwise this unit was a disappointment. The Navionics card that came with it just did not work well, and nobody at tech support seemed to know why.
The processor is just too slow for anything beyond 25 mph. The charts start turning to blank white space. I was also lead to believe that the Hook 7 can record sonar logs and upload them to Navionics. No; it can’t.

I wound up selling it and getting a Garmin Echomap 73sv Chirp. Now that is an awesome fish finder. I have used Lowrances in the past, and some were quite good, but after the Hook 7 debacle I’m a Garmin fan.

Posted by Mark #1

  • 4/5

Call me unimpressed. Sure, the Hook 7 is bigger and brighter than the old 5″ units, but otherwise very similar. The menu has hardly changed, and you still have to tinker with the sensitivity to get the look you want. It’s bigger, so you may to relocate it to a new spot. The plugs are also bigger, and now there are two instead of one, so you can’t just plug and go, you have to drill more holes. The mount is still flimsy plastic and doesn’t swivel like a RAM mount. OK, the screen is bigger so you can walk away from it or make split views, but otherwise I don’t see any functional upgrades, at all.

Posted by mark bolkcom

  • 1/5

The Hook 7 is an unpredictable unit that will show 2-foot depths in deep water. It’s like it just couldn’t calculate past 2 feet! Lowrance tech support sent a new transducer to fix this, and this time it froze at 18 feet. Was it just some refurbished spare? I called tech support again to complain and I was told I’d have to ship their clunky transducer back at my own expense and let them test it out before getting a replacement. My old unit was Garmin, and I would have been a lot better off if I’d just stuck with them.

Posted by John

  • 5/5

I purchased the hook 7 as a replacement for my smaller Garmin. It is simple, graphics are crisp and clean. Various options on settings. Though you need to take time to set the sonar to get the max benefit and clarity out of it. It is a decent, affordable fish finder. If you want a simple, affordable, dependable unit? This will work.. seen alot if hating on this unit. But, I have used it and has worked flawlessly. It does what I need it for..

Posted by Dave

  • 1/5

I purchase my Hook 7 to fish on Lake Michigan. I’m very disappointed in both the GPS and Sounder! The GPS is slow and with the Navionics card, is not very accurate. When I’m in 90 feet of water the chart shows 70 feet! Sometimes I have to stop the boat and shut off the machine and restart the machine because of no GPS. BUY GARMIN

Posted by Brian

  • 2/5

I just sent my unit in for replacement (shipping at my expense).
I was hoping I had just recieved a bad unit but after reading the reviews on here I’m now sure I wont be happy with the replacement. My unit is exhibiting the same symptoms as the others listed here.Screen freezing,GPS quitting,have to re-boot it several times during a trip.
I originally had intended to purchase a GArmin but was suckered in by the low price.
Luckily I did get the extended warranty so if the replacement does the same thing I will be sending it in for store credit.

Posted by Dom

  • 1/5

Disappointed got the Hook2 7x 2 weeks ago zoom doesn’t work siren sound not working (enabled) only flashes warning on screen and screen reading doesn’t change (not in sim mode) depth range all over the place moving or sitting still.white screen as mentioned above contacted customer support 2 weeks ago via email still no reply this unit is being returned

Posted by Ed

  • 1/5

Bought my hook 7 triple shot before Minnesota opener 2018.
had nothing but issues from the start. 12.7 volts and the unit would shut down numerous times. Fishing in 8 feet of water and depth would jump from 15 feet to 0-500 feet. Called support they sent me a new unit for $325 and reimbursed my money when they got my bad unit. however had issues with the 2nd one too. Just got a full refund from my local L&M supply store. Plan to research Garmin and Hummingbird and try again.

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