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Lowrance Mark 4 – Review

Lowrance Mark 4 – has an average rating of 4 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.



The Lowrance Mark 4 is a value minded no compromise fishfinder and chartplotter that features a high bright 3.5 inch backlit LED screen that is designed and proven as easy to read even under direct sunlight. This display features a unique trackback system where you can enhance any area of screen by 400% in order to examine the detailed sonar history and identify specific underwater fish and structures with ease. The sonar technology uses a dual 83/200 Khz frequency system with 2100 watts of peak to peak power and a maximum depth of 1,000 feet.

Included with the unit is a simple plug and play low profile tilt and swivel mount for adjustable viewing and the mount can be easily moved and re-mounted to a trolling motor. The controls on the unit are simple and intuitive and are designed for one hand which makes for easy operation even while moving.

Beyond fishfinding and chartplotting the Lowrance Mark 4 also includes a full GPS system which is ideal for those waterways that more twist and turns than one can remember and for those out in the ocean when suddenly the shoreline goes beyond your view or when on the ocean, a river, or lake and thick fog unexpectedly rolls in bringing visibility to near zero within minutes. In these instances the GPS and the backlit display will prove invaluable as the Lowrance Mark 4 safely navigates you home.

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 Humminbird PiranhaMax 176iLowrance Mark-4Humminbird 581i DI
Screen Size4 in3.5 in5 in
Screen Resolution240 x 160 pixels320 x 240 pixels640 x 320 pixels
Display Type16-level grayscale16-level grayscale16-level grayscale
Imaging2D2D2D and Down Imaging
Transmit Power200W RMS
1600W Peak-To-Peak
262W RMS
2100W Peak-To-Peak
300W RMS
2400W Peak-To-Peak
Sonar Frequency455/200 kHz83/200 KHz200 kHz 2D Sonar
455/800 kHz Down Imaging
Maximum Depth600 ft250 ft250 ft (DI), 600 ft (2D Sonar)
Waypoints Storage50030002500
Map CompatibilityHumminbird UniMapFishing Hot Spots, NauticPath & Navionics
(Hotmpas, Premium and Gold)
Fishing Hot Spots, NauticPath & Navionics
(Hotmpas, Premium and Gold)

User Reviews

Posted by C. Alexander

  • 4/5

This unit has everything you need in a fishfinder: gps, fish alarms, shallow water alarms, speed, temperature, depth. The GPS latches onto a satellite quickly. My only problem is the default maps don’t have much detail but I’m still satisfied with this unit considering the price.

Posted by Ed Bigle

  • 5/5

I was looking for a compact fishfinder GPS combo since I don’t have much room on the boat. Lowrance Mark 4 matched the criteria. I was a bit concerned about the greyscale display and consider buying Elite-4 but I’m glad I picked Mark-4. The display is very easy to read even in daylight. Built-in maps are excellent, no need to spend another $200 on an SD card. Menus are easy to navigate. Overall a very good product in my opinion.

Posted by Buick Boy

  • 5/5

I got the Mark 4 to put on a kayak. Even after only a few outings, I am thoroughly impressed with the performance. It shows structures beautifully and even reading through the hull the transducer give good water temp readings. I wanted a fully portable unit so I mounted this one to a small battery enclosure. Now I can move it back and forth with my boat easily.
My only real complaint is the lack of a fuse, which is required according to the manual, or even a receiver for one. I ended up buying a fuse kit and connectors from a hardware store and spliced one in myself. This seems like something that should come installed. Otherwise this has been a great purchase.

Posted by Ron S

  • 4/5

I bought this to replace some worn out gauges on my sailboat. It works great for heading, speed, and depth soundings. The charts it comes with are pretty good but I may upgrade to Navionics charts. I can’t speak to the fish finding ability since I have never used it. The sonar works well even through a 2 inch fiberglass hull. The display is easy to read. The only problem is the short transducer cable that is included. If you have to run it more than 15 ft or so you should go ahead and pick up a longer one.

Posted by Rog Beis

  • 5/5

I have been using the Mark-4 for over two years and it has been money well spent. I haven’t had the first problem out of it using it on my kayak in the gulf and Pensacola Bay. It has every function you could need whether you are fishing or just exploring different waterways. The GPS has led me back to hotspots for fish and helped me find my way back to my launch without fail. I highly recommend this product from Lowrance.

Posted by bert

  • 1/5

I will be the exception. to the good reviews.. I received a mark-4 for christmas 2014 could not install into my boat until the summer of 2015 used it 4 times. in 2015 I had a question about the display seeming funny in 2015 and was told it could be normal for the display to look brighter on one side than the other.. so used my boat 4-5 times in 2016 the finder always was taken off the boat, never was it rained on, and during the winter in PA it was inside in a desk drawer.. So this year 2016 first time i take out the boat. I get a flashing 60′ on the depth.. I call them they say do this to reboot do it.. nothing do it again.. it is working, turn off and back on.. and its flashing again. I call for support. and very short, tell me to email them the complaint with the serial number.. they tell me since I purchased this in dec of 2014 there is nothing they can do.. other than offer me a deal on another model for 1/2 price… what about fixing it? what about making a customer happy.. no.. right to the book your item is out of warr. there is nothing we can do.. check out other complaints about Lowrance.. many many say customer service sucks.. I will not purchase another of their products.. no consideration for the consumer

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