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3Garmin Striker 7sv
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Garmin Striker 7sv Review

Garmin Striker 7sv has an average rating of 4.57 out of 5 based on 14 user reviews.



At one and a half pounds, the Garmin Striker 7sv measures 9.3 by 5.5 inches with a 2.3 inch depth. It bears a 3.6 by 6 inch screen with a definition of 800 by 480 pixels that allows multiple sharp images to be displayed simultaneously. The display is also brilliantly backlit to make it legible even on the sunniest days and is flanked by a group of control buttons. Power from the device’s built-in rechargeable battery is sent through an included cable to a GT52 transducer where it generates an assortment of sonar pulses. The supplied transducer sends and receives the 77, 200, and 455 kHz signals used by the fishfinder to create images of conditions below the waterline. The fish locator comes with a swivel mount that allows it to be oriented for maximum usability. Both a transom and trolling motor mount are provided with the GT52 transducer for easy mounting to any watercraft.

Sound Into Pixels

The power of the Garmin Striker 7sv starts with sound waves. To get the most comprehensive image of the aquatic environment, a range of sonar frequencies are deployed. Basically, the lower the frequency, the farther it’ll travel. Unfortunately, lower, longer waves tend to pass over smaller objects instead of reflecting off of them. On the other hand, high frequency will bounce off tiny items, but they don’t penetrate far into the water. By broadcasting several waveforms, this device can create multiple images to convey all the needed information to know what’s going on. Using Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse or CHIRP technology, the Garmin Striker 7sv sends out 77, 200, and 455 kHz frequencies in rapid sequence to cover both deep viewing as well as minute details. The Striker 7sv includes DownVu and SideVu capabilities that use divided sonar beams to capture the scene below and to the sides of your boat. Altogether, the apparatus has a maximum depth of 1,100 feet in saltwater and 2,300 feet in freshwater.

Capturing Every Angle

Once the sonar information is collected, the Garmin Striker 7sv offers several options for viewing. Low and mid-level frequencies are used to create intricate images that feature individual fish as they swim by. Larger and denser objects appear in red with the color passing through yellow towards green as objects become smaller and lighter. With DownVu technology, monochrome photorealistic scenes can be produced for observing all the potential obstacles lurking below. In both cases, the image is of a thin slice of the sonar cone perpendicular to your craft that appears as if you were standing before it. With SideVu technology, the device takes readings from sonar aimed towards the sides of the boat to assemble a sharp picture of the body of water’s floor. In this case, images appear from the vantage point of directly overhead. The Striker 7sv can present all three images onscreen at once. For stationary fishing, there’s the option of a flasher. With this display method, an annular readout features clockwise depth markings with underwater objects shown as radial spokes of differing widths and hues determined by their density and dimensions.

Keeping Track

The Garmin Striker 7sv has a second trick up its sleeve for finding fish. If its sonar imaging powers can spot fish in the first place, its GPS tracking powers can help lead you back to them in the future. In waypoint mapping mode, simple route diagrams can be constructed using GPS position data to mark directions and distances from one site to the next. Waypoints or landmarks such as docks, buoys, or natural features can be noted on the maps for additional guidance. Of course, choice fishing spots are also designated on the maps. The information on these maps is transferrable to other Striker or echoMAP models. GPS capabilities also let this apparatus calculate your boat’s velocity at even the slowest speeds and refresh this figure every second. It’s then shown on screen in map mode along with compass heading and estimated arrival time. You can focus your energies on getting the fish on the line. You can get a great deal on Garmin Striker 7sv here.

 Garmin echoMap 73svHumminbird Helix 7 SI GPSGarmin Striker 7sv
Screen Size7 in7 in7 in
Screen Resolution480 x 800 pixels480 x 800 pixels480 x 800 pixels
Display TypeWVGA display256Colors TFT display WVGA color
Imaging2D, Down Imaging, Side Imaging2D, Down Imaging, Side Imaging2D, Down Imaging, Side Imaging
Transducer TypeTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling Motor
Transmit Power500 W (RMS)
4,000 W (peak to peak)
500W RMS
4000W Peak-to-Peak
500 W (RMS)
Sonar Frequency77/200 kHz
50/200 kHz available with the 74sv model
83/200 kHz 2D
455 kHz Side Imaging and Down Imaging
Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz
CHIRP (mid and high)
DownVü: 260/455/800 kHz
SideVü: 260/455/800 kHz
Maximum Depth 2,300 ft at 77 kHz freshwater
1,100 ft at 77 kHz, saltwater
1500 ft 2D
100 ft Side Imaging
2,300 ft freshwater
1,100 ft saltwater
GPS Antenna TypeInternalInternalInternal
Waypoint Storage50004500N/A
Plot Trails50,000 points; 50 saved tracks50 w/20,000 points eachN/A
Preloaded MapsLakeVu HDHumminbird ContourXDN/A

User Reviews

Posted by Chris Hill

  • 5/5

Fantastic unit at a great price, side vu works flawlessly, swivel mount fitted my existing Ram mount, very easy to use and set up.Another plus is transducer is small enough to mount on smaller boats with tiller steer without the engine blocking the signal.
Only faults is my unit did not come with the protective cover(waiting on Garmin to get back to me) and the cable/sockets/plugs in the back seem a bit weak, time will tell if they are going to be a problem.
First time using side vu today we found some structure holding fish up on the bank and got 4 fish from 5 casts.
I would highly recommend this unit to anyone not requiring maps and the high tech gimmicks.

Posted by Shawn

  • 5/5

The Striker provides clarity of the picture that blows away other fishfinders. Unlike Lowrance Garmin supports CHIRP in side view and down view, and believe me that makes a huge difference. You can see everything down there, almost like having underwater camera. If you fish the same lakes and don’t need maps get the Striker, this is the best fishfinder for the money right now.

Posted by Don Bellehumeur

  • 5/5

This thing is sweet!! The images are so much sharper than my old Humminbird 597 DI. Side vu, down vu, CHIRP and 7 inch screen for $499 – can’t beat that. Doesn’t have maps but you can mark waypoints on a white screen. I marked 5 new spots the first time I took this unit fishing. Perfect tool for bass anglers.

Posted by Phil Christie

  • 5/5

I’ve always been a Garmin fan they proved me right again. The Striker is perfect as the second unit on the boat when the first unit has map support. I have the Striker installed on the front of the boat (took only about an hour to install) and I have it connected to the echoMap unit on the dashboard – it’s been a very effective setup for me so far.

Posted by Mark

  • 3/5

Only been out a couple times so cannot comment solid on performance. A few things to know: the power and transducer plugs on the back are poor, at best. I did not care about maps on open water, but the ad stated that you could dump points from other Garmin units. True, however: you have to have the 2 units hard wired together and both units powered. Think about how you would do that, you would need one unit with a mobile power cord attached to a battery. Otherwise, you have to manually input each waypoint.

I’ll give it 3 stars just because the side vue seems like it should be an outta sight useful tool.

Posted by Bruce

  • 5/5

This goes well with my echomap 70 love them both

Posted by Tom Taylor

  • 5/5

I was having a tough time deciding between the Striker 7sv and Humminbird’s 7si unit. I wanted maps but decided that the chirp feature was more important and I’m glad I did.
The installation was very easy and the unit worked flawlessly first time out. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the transducer and the screen detail is awesome.
The tracking and navigation worked just fine and it was easy to go back to a marked waypoint.
I can’t say enough about the quality and detail of the screen images. Both down and side scan are picture quality. It’s easy to spot fish using
the side scan as shadows show up clearly.
My only complaint is there isn’t enough documentation on how to use the unit. By that I mean examples and settings. I had to search the internet for more information. Even Garmins website could use more detail on how to use it.

Posted by Bassin' Bones

  • 2/5

This unit definitely has its pros and cons. First the cons: It has no ability to load maps, which is fine if you’re fishing smaller lakes. However, you can’t even upload waypoints except from another Garmin. I had a long list of waypoints on my laptop that I’m having to enter by hand – a huge pain. I reviewed the manual and it never says anything about this. Another headache: All the settings I entered for sonar, down scan, and so forth had vanished at the next power-up. I don’t see how a unit with so many great features was designed with multiple bad ones. It still has clear images and does what you want it to do, but while you’re messing with the settings on the 7sv, the next guy is catching fish.

Posted by Angry Ryan

  • 5/5

I’ve found the 7SV to be a great value for the money compared to most brands. Some reviews are claiming it doesn’t save settings, but I haven’t had that problem. Unfortunately, it does not have the capability of screen recording and playback, but I knew that upfront.

But the side view is great. I find it useful up to 150 feet away from the boat. At under 100 feet, you can use the zoom function to get more detail.

One of the things I like best is that the menus provide you a lot of options for customization once you learn where to find things. However, you can hook up and get out on the water as it is right out of the box. The auto modes also work great. The 7SV is highly recommended if you just want to get out there and catch more fish.

Posted by John

  • 5/5

Now, this is an outstanding unit! The 7sv includes CHIRP, DI, and SI. There aren’t any fancy mapping features, but the GPS is very good for the price, and it uses energy efficiently. I can power it for 6 hours of fishing time on a battery. I put it on a RAM mount in my jon boat and put the transducer on a mounting board. My old unit was a Humminbird 197DI, and this Garmin is a step up. I love that you can read it easily even in bright sunlight. I also looked at the Dragonfly 5, but I’ve never used it so I can’t make comparisons – I’m happy with the 7SV. I do advise removing and storing the unit between trips to protect it.

Posted by Cody Byers

  • 5/5

I don’t understand the negative reviews about not having “maps”. People should do their research before they spend $500. This product does not say anywhere that there is maps. GPS is not “maps”. It saves waypoints and marks your spots for future fishing. This is a great product and very fast operating system. After i.press power I’m using it within 5 seconds. Beautiful picture. Plugs aren’t a problem for me. Everything plugs in fine. Garmin is my go to fishing electronics now.

Posted by Theo

  • 5/5

Purchased ine of these great units after lots of research. Have used many Lowrances and a few Humminbirds in friends boats but have had Garmins in my last 2 boats. They are absolutely trouble free and are so friggin easy to use! I was a bit sceptical at the price of the 7sv as I really wanted it purely for a good Side scan unit and know the Humminbirds make a ripper but the 7sv is right there with them. The images of the side and and down view are crisp as. Very impressive for the price. 2yr warranty not that I’ll need it. Easy installation, could do it blindfolded… the instructions are very clear. They could provide more user manuals as they have done for previous models (bit of a downfall) but all in all 10/10. Garmin all the way

Posted by rob Tilbury

  • 5/5

for $500 you cant go wrong ,,, we fish NSW south coast Australia , Never had a drama with the unit ,, clear screen easy to use buttons , fast start up
I didnt need maps as we have a gpsmap on the boat aswell ,, why waste screen size with mapping when they are cheap as chips ,,,
We can sit on the shelf and drift all day ,, the shallow water alarm tells us when its time to kick it in the guts and power back over the shelf ,,,
Really for $500 its the best value chirp 7 inch DV you will find anywhere ,,,,
Only thing i don’t like is you have to purchase a screen cover separate ,
I believe with the rise in canoe fishing these days ,, if Garmin made a spare transducer and power cable as a kit ( @ a good price ) i believe they would sell so many ,,,,,

Posted by Ed Cook

  • 4/5

First.. The cons: The unit became unreadable when hooked to the trolling motor battery. It’s very clear hooked to the main engine battery. But: the power drain on that crucial battery is significant! After six hours of fishing I noticed my 70 horse Merc was sluggish as I engaged the starter. All other attributes are terrific. I’ll buy a dedicated battery for the unit.

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