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Lowrance Elite-4x DSI Review

Lowrance Elite-4x DSI has an average rating of 4 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.



The best kind of budget devices are the ones that make you forget that money was ever an issue because the value of that device seems so ridiculously high. For a fishfinder, this broadly means a device which fulfills all of your fish spying and tracking needs; it can more narrowly mean you have purchased a Lowrance Elite-4x, which contains much of the power and elegance of more expensive models while being simplistic enough to warrant a low comparative price.

Lowrance did not forget aesthetic preferences in creating this model. You can select your color palette of choice for the display, or alter it to suit the current water and weather conditions. You can also admire the sleek and streamlined interface – while simultaneously being grateful it is so easy to navigate. If you find it is a little bit too easy and crave modifications, you can opt for a more advanced mode instead. You can do this literally single-handedly, as the Elite-4x DSI was optimized for one-handed use, a crucial feature for the on the go fisherman. It comes ready to install with its quick-release bracket.

Once you get over how nice this model from the Lowrance Elite line-up is, then you can start to make the most of its other features, which include the special Trackback Feature (which holds 4 pages of sonar recordings for you to utilize as you’d like). The Elite-4x has a dual frequency transducer (83/200 kHz) and a water sensor so you do not stray from target areas. It’s 300W RMS Sounder pulls up information from as deep as 1000 feet underwater. Its compact size also means it can go where you go, to help you achieve the best possible fishing experience. And remember, when you are utilizing all the important features of the Lowrance Elite-4x, you will likely forget that it is actually a budget device, a dedicated fishfinder designed to save you money without compromising your needs.

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 Garmin Echo 300cLowrance Elite-4x DSIHumminbird 345c DI
Screen Size3.5 in / 89 mm3.5 in / 89 mm3.5 in / 89 mm
Screen Resolution320 x 240 pixels320 x 240 pixels320 x 240 pixels
Display TypeQVGA, 256 colors256 colors256 colors
Imaging2DDown Imaging2D and Down Imaging
Transducer TypeTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling MotorTransom Mount/Trolling Motor
Transmit Power300W RMS
2400W Peak-To-Peak
350W RMS
2800W Peak-To-Peak
500W RMS
4000W Peak-To-Peak
Sonar Frequency200/77 kHz455/800 kHz200/455 kHz 2D
455/800 kHz Down Imaging
Maximum Depth1500 ft200 ft600 ft 2D
250 ft Down Imaging

User Reviews

Posted by Wgscott

  • 1/5

The manual that comes with this product is bad, it has no troubleshooting info. I think Lowrance does this so that they can sell $40 DVD that is supposed to teach you how to use the fishfinder, what a ripoff.

Posted by Cleveland

  • 5/5

$200 for DownScan is an unbelievable price. I’m glad I didn’t go for a more expensive fishfinder, this unit has everything you need from a fishfinder.

Posted by M. Gordon

  • 5/5

This fishfinder offers a high resolution screen and lot of features for the price, more than you would expect at this price point. One complaint I have is that Lowrance should offer some type of a shade accessory so that screen is more readable in bright sunlight.

Posted by Lester S.

  • 5/5

The installation took me about an hour and I spent about 30 minutes to learn the functionality. The unit worked well in deeper water even if the water was muddy but when it was less than 10 feet deep the display didn’t have much detail. Also, I noticed that the sonar doesn’t work very well when you’re not moving. This product is great buy if you’re looking for cheap fishfinder that has color and down imaging.

Posted by Seatle Fisher

  • 3/5

The DSI pictures this unit displays on the water are just as clear and beautiful as the ones in the ads. The problem is DSI doesn’t display any fish, you have to switch to the regular sonar view to be able to see fish arches.

Posted by DaveM

  • 5/5

This is the first sonar/fish finder I bought for my first boat. Since I am new to the game I have not tested it to its full capabilities. There are a few basic things I have noticed since my purchase.
The down-scan option makes the drawings on the display more easily readable to me. The only downside is the lack of screen brightness in the sun makes it hard to see. The temperature sensing transducer gives accurate readings but the unit comes with no cables or hardware for mounting. You will need to pick these things up separately. The mount and overall construction are pretty solid. Once installed the mount will not rotate only tilt. So make sure you get lined up like you like it before you set it in place. The interface is very easy to use and there are plenty of resources online to learn about what all the onscreen data means if you get confused by it like me. Overall a good unit to start with.

Posted by Karl

  • 4/5

I got this for kayak fishing, since the transducer is smaller than the comparable Humminbird. It fit perfectly under my kayak and shows depth and structure with good accuracy. Not sure how well the fish finding works on it yet. Another thing I liked is the ability to easily remove the unit for storage and safe keeping. All in all a good purchase.

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