Highest Rated Fishfinders
1Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2
2Garmin Striker 7sv
3Lowrance HDS 7 Gen3
4Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
5Raymarine Dragonfly 7 PRO


Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP G2 Review


The Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP G2 is the second generation of Humminbird Helix fishfinders/chartplotters and employs multi-frequency CHIRP technology for better target separation, deep water penetration, and decreased water column clutter. The head unit features a brilliant 7″ diagonal 16-bit grayscale color TFT display with 800H x 480V pixel resolution that provides crystal-clear viewing in harsh sunlight and works perfectly for split-screen imaging.

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti Review


When it comes to fish finders, you generally run across a feast or famine situation. Either the product is much cheaper than you would have expected—and its questionable quality shows why—or it is fairly expensive but generally works as advertised. There are a select few instances when fish finders actually work better than advertised, and they are usually at the highest end of the price spectrum.

Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2 Review


For 2017, Humminbird has once again stepped up the technology by creating the Helix 5 CHIRP G2 fish finder. Unlike the 1st Generation series, Gen 2 features the addition of CHIRP sonar, which enables anglers to scan depths using low, middle or high frequencies individually or simultaneously. The advanced sonar provides better target separation, reduced image noise and displays in higher-resolution along with the ability to reach depths of up to 1000 feet.

Simrad GO5 XSE Review


The Simrad G05 XSE fish finder/chart plotter is perfectly suited to compact sports boats and coastal fishermen, delivering more for enjoying your day on the water. The 5″ color super-bright LCD display is flush, flat or bracket mountable to fit just about any compact day boat. Adjustable split-screen views make the GO5 XSE a full-featured yet simple to use chart plotter. The sleek standalone unit offers intuitive multi-touch controls like your smartphone and tablet

Lowrance Hook 5 Ice Machine Review

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The Lowrance Hook 5 Ice Machine is a sonar-based electronic fish finder with a high-resolution five-inch LCD. It has been optimized for fish detection through and under ice, although it is entirely capable of detecting fish year round. It has a built-in GPS system that contains data for over 3,000 lakes and rivers, as well as coastal contours out to 1000 feet. Additionally, the Insight Genesis software system within the device enables the operator to create their map, in the event the onboard map is out of date, not present, or the operator’s sonar determines a discrepancy in the data.

Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing Bundle Review

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Gone are the days when ice fishing meant one or two people sit huddled in a small shack, staring vacantly at a hole cut into a frozen pond, simply waiting for the fish to bite. With the Garmin Striker 5 Ice Fishing Bundle, you are now able to take the offensive in a traditionally passive past time. Generally, the most difficult part of ice fishing, aside from passing the time between bites on the line, is identifying where is the best place to fish.

Humminbird Ice Helix 7 Review


Humminbird introduced the latest fish finding innovation just in time for the 2016/2017 ice fishing season. The compact, portable and multi-function Ice Helix 7 is the big brother to the Ice Helix 5. With GPS, flash and sonar capability, the device is sure to enable anglers to find and return to productive locations on the water with more fish in tow. With this technology at hand, anglers spend more time catching and less time finding the fish.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review


Deeper has taken the sonar fishfinder world by storm with their groundbreaking castable, smartphone fishfinders. With Deeper sonar fishfinders, you can fish from the shore, a boat, or even ice fish. The ability to have sonar while fishing from shore is by the far the greatest quality of a smartphone

Simrad GO7 XSE Review


The differences between personal and marine electronics continue to fade as manufacturers take inspiration and technologies from the smart phones that are an increasingly significant part of our lifestyles. The electronics we want on our boats are becoming more connected to the technologies the cloud provides access to, and we see the benefits in not just increased performance and user-friendliness, but in the flood of data we have even out on the water. Nothing exemplifies this more than the Simrad GO7 XSE

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