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steelhead fishing tips

How To Catch Steelhead – Fishing Tips

One of the most prized American game fish is the rainbow trout, and its very close cousin, the steelhead. These fish are natives of Asia, the Pacific coastal area of North America, and the tributary rivers that empty into the Pacific Ocean. Steelhead are the same species of fish as

ice fishing guide - equipment and tips

Ice Fishing Guides – Equipment and Tips

When I tell people I love ice fishing, they assume I am from Wisconsin, Michigan, or Canada, and are surprised all the times I went out on the ice; it was on top of lakes in New England. Like all hunting, ice fishing requires patients, but unlike deer or duck


How To Catch Bluegill – Fishing Facts Tips

Bluegill fish are among the easiest fish in the world to catch. Even a beginner with virtually no skill can hook a bluegill. That said, this article will help improve your chances of hooking a bluegill. This freshwater fish is a native of the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, and the

How to Catch Perch

How to Catch Perch – Fishing Facts Tips

The perch is one of the most common fish in North America. It’s relatively small, usually only reaching a length of 15 inches and a weight of just over 2 pounds, but it’s very delicious and is a favorite in many restaurants. This freshwater fish is most likely to be

how to catch muskie fishing tips

How To Catch Muskie – Fishing Tips

Muskie are some of the largest and most elusive freshwater fish. They’re sort of legendary in that many fishermen want to catch muskie, but few seem to actually do it. This freshwater fish is native to North America, and is most common in the areas of the Great Lakes, the

How To Catch Lake Trout - Fishing Fact Tips

How To Catch Lake Trout – Fishing Fact Tips

Tips for Catching Lake Trout Lake trout is one of the largest freshwater char, or cold freshwater fish. Lake trout is most often fished for sport, and in many areas of the world, has been overfished, so check your local area for any fishing limits. This fish is quite delicious

how to catch salmon

How To Catch Salmon – Fishing Tips

Salmon is the all-encompassing name for several varieties of fish that are freshwater fish, saltwater fish, or fish that spend part of their lives in one habitat and part of their lives in the other. Salmon is one of the most-desired restaurant fish, and they are most commonly found in

How To Catch Carp

How To Catch Carp – Fishing Facts Tips

Carp Fishing Facts Carp are almost universally despised by environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, and aquatic life fanatics. Carp are invasive fish from the Black and Caspian Sea areas, and were introduced to almost every continent, sometimes accidentally, sometimes for farming purposes. Carp are disliked by so many because of their habit

trout fishing tips

Trout Fishing Tips – How To Catch Trout

Tips and Tricks for Trout Fishing Trout are a very special kind of fish that live almost exclusively in fresh (not salty) water. However, some species of trout, like the rainbow trout, can spend up to two years in saltwater and spend most of their lives in brackish water. Trout


Crappie Fishing Tips – How to Catch Crappie

The Basics Crappie is one of the most common fish in North America. There are two types of crappie fish: white crappie (pomoxis annularis) and black crappie (pomoxis nigromaculatus). The two types are often mistaken for each other, but there are some distinguishing differences between them. The black crappie is